dns error

  pat2068 23:52 09 Nov 2003

could anyone tell me what a dns error is i am trying to get a web page i have been on for months and now unable to acess using win xp thanks leo

  sil_ver 23:57 09 Nov 2003

Probably a problem with the site you are trying to contact

  powerless 00:03 10 Nov 2003

Click here?

  pat2068 00:06 10 Nov 2003

powerless there is no click here thanks leo

  powerless 00:09 10 Nov 2003

mean give us a click here to your web page.

  pat2068 00:14 10 Nov 2003

uproar.co.uk sorry i thought you were trying to give me one thanks leo

  powerless 00:21 10 Nov 2003

Well the site is their as it pings but i get nothing in my browser.

Leave it till the morning.

The .com is all working.

  pat2068 00:22 10 Nov 2003

ok thanks for trying leo

  powerless 06:34 10 Nov 2003

It works now :-)

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