DMA problems...

  tenplus1 04:56 19 Oct 2003

My system was using Ultra DMA Mode-5 for both my DVD-Rom's and Hard-Drive and things were zipping along nicely...

After doing the last Windows Update and installing all 5 critical updates for WinXP something just didnt seem right afterwards...

My Ultra DMA switched to Mode-2 for the DVD-Rom's and my hard-drive is using PIO (which I cannot change to anything else)...

What's happened ??? My system is slow and sluggish now... please help !

  MichelleC 10:23 19 Oct 2003

Check in bios it wasn't somehow disabled.

  tenplus1 21:19 19 Oct 2003

My PC-Chips 810lmr Bios is setup for DMA / 32-bit modes etc... everythings the same as when it used to work ok... jsut after those M$ updates it gave me probs...

  woodchip 21:33 19 Oct 2003

If you have a motherboard CD load the EIDE drivers again. If not go to motherboard site and download them

  Faser 22:17 19 Oct 2003

Its probably too simple but have you tried removing the updates (add/remove in xp) as this reverts your system to its previous condition?

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