DMA Problem

  jaycup 13:47 15 Jan 2003
  jaycup 13:47 15 Jan 2003

DMA Transfer is set automatically in Windows XP and can be checked in the IDE Controllers in Device Manager. I have a problem with the Secondary Channel which is linked to my DVD Rom (master) and my CDRW (Slave).
Device 0 is showing "DMA if available" (the default setting) but the Current Transfer Mode is showing PIO Mode. Device 1 is ok and shows DMA Mode 2. I assume that Device 0 is the master and Device 1 is the Slave if this is correct then it is my DVD Rom Drive that is showing the PIO Mode of Transfer. Can anyone suggest the reason or a 'fix' to get this back to DMA Mode.

  €dstow 14:30 15 Jan 2003

It is convention to have the "active" hardware - the writer - as Master and the passive item - the reader - as slave.

Try changing things round.


  jaycup 15:19 15 Jan 2003

Thanks for the quick response. Is this just a matter of changing the 'jumpers' on each of the drives?

  €dstow 15:21 15 Jan 2003

Yep. You should have the master at the end of the cable and slave as the middle item as well. ensure the cable is the right way round as well blue connector to the motherboard.


  DieSse 15:26 15 Jan 2003

If the jumpers are set to Master and Slave - it matters not at all which connector they are on on the cable. This only matters with an 80 wire cable, and jumpers set to Cable Select.

  jaycup 15:09 16 Jan 2003

Success!: Before doing anything drastic and with a fresh mind on the problem this morning, I decided to un-install the Secondary IDE Channel from Device Manager , and then re-boot thus forcing windows to supply new drivers and lo and behold it did the trick I could not believe it. I had already updated the drivers for each of the drives without succes, but had not thought to use this technique to obtain new drivers for the built-in Hardware, lesson learnt again.
Thanks to all for the contributions it has been
an interesting problem and I hope someone will benefit from the result.
On a final note, I contacted a friend yesterday
who is running the same OS as me (XP Pro) and asked him to check his drives, which are a different make to mine and he was flabbergasted to discover that he too did not have DMA Mode on his DVD Rom Drive. The only other thing we have in common is that we both installed SP1 recently. Could this have caused the problem?. I shall leave this 'Thread' open for a little while in case someone would like to comment on this point.

  DieSse 01:14 17 Jan 2003

What motherboard do you have - have you installed the chipset drivers - Via 4-in-1 or intel Application Accelerator, for instance? And the latest revisions of them?

Both of these heavily affect the way the chipset handles the IDE devices, whether and how DMA is set, and which mode, for instance. They also speed disk performance up mightily.

  jaycup 12:21 17 Jan 2003

I have in computer terms a rarter outdated system, PIII 500 with Intel Motherboard (Slot1).
As I said the problem is now cured but I am still intrigued as to what caused it. Incidentally my friend has also cured his problem by updating the drivers for his drive and refreshing the driver for the IDE Controller.
He is also convinced that this problem was created as a result of the SP1 update.

  DieSse 13:06 17 Jan 2003

If you look on the intel site, you will possibly find the Application Accelerator drivers, or IDE drivers, for your chipset type (which is probably a BX, TX, FX, VX, or similar).

It could well be SP1 which made changes in the chipset handling, which caused your problem.

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