dll problems

  rawprawn 12:49 10 Feb 2005

My computer seems to lose dll's for no reason at all. I posted yesterday and thought that the problem was solved. If I run sfc it asks for the XP CD and says that dll files nedd to be copied for windows to run properly. If I complete the scan and leave it for a while and reboot then scan again I get the smae message. I have fitted a new HDD recently but apart from that I cannot think of a reason.Does sfc replace all lost files/dll's at one scan Any ideas

  JIM 13:04 10 Feb 2005

I think if all of us decided to put our winxp os disk into our drives and run sfc /scannow we would have the same result as your missing .dll or cache,files etc.

With Sp2 installed i have found or come to the conclusion that windows will not just let any systems files or dll's or such like be delete. More so than before the update of sp2.

Rightly or not in my view,i find what you report to be smilar as to my-self.


  octal 13:07 10 Feb 2005

I'm not an XP expert, so tell me I'm an idiot and go away, I won't be offended.

Just a thought, would have to switch system restore off first before running SFC then turning it back on when you've fininshed.

  JIM 13:23 10 Feb 2005

First your not an idiot.

Something i have not attempted as you discribe to try to do.Outcome may be interesting so i may try it.

I would have thought,included with the system restore operation would be all required systems files ect.so s SFC was almost redundant,(almost).

With all the added software protection these day's and what is being loaded,plus cleanning up programs i am finding it almost impossible to pinpoint all Windows XP'S ways. Not at all like previous OS's,where windows would go "awall" for the slightest of reasons.

  rawprawn 13:23 10 Feb 2005

You may be right, it will be interesting to see if anybody else thinks along those lines. It was just that I have been having problems and decioded to run sfc a second time and I was suprised that it asked for the cd again. I have to say the machine seems OK.

  rawprawn 13:30 10 Feb 2005

I agree with JIM, you are not an idiot. Although I am begining to think that anyone who messes with computers must be a bit mad in the first place. However if you make a system restore point when files are missing I'm pretty certain that it would restore with the files still missing, so it would depend on when the restore point was made

  ACOLYTE 13:35 10 Feb 2005

If you have sp2 installed have you tried directing sfc to the sp2 folder on the hard drive instead of the xpcd ,may work dont know.

  rawprawn 13:38 10 Feb 2005

Sorry that's not what you said, I am trying to do two jobs at once here and succeeding in neither.It might be worth a try.

  rawprawn 13:41 10 Feb 2005

How can I direct it to the SP2 folder ?

  ventanas 13:45 10 Feb 2005

Dennis, If you are using a pre SP2 disc to run sfc this may be the problem. A lot of files would have been replaced by sp2. Perhaps if you slipstreamed both your cd and sp2 click here for how to do it, and then try again, it may solve your problem.

Good luck.

  rawprawn 13:50 10 Feb 2005

John, thank you that sounds as though it might be the problem. I will have a look and give it a try.

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