"DK" Ultimite Human body won't work

  tony777 22:39 07 Apr 2003

I got my computer just 2 weeks ago (HP Pavilion 434.uk), It has Windows XP, 512 MB RAM, 2.66 Processor, Radeon 9000 Graphics, and AC97 Sound (onboard).

I put in a "Old" CD tonight, it is one of Dorling Kinsly's Titles, "The Ultimite Human body". When I click on set-up after the CD Auto loads, it stops and says :

"This product requires Audio compression drivers, that have NOT been detected on this computer, for more information, please refer to Audio Problems in the Read-me text.

Well, I have had a quick browse, but everything seems to be with windows 95 instructions. Has anyone else encountered this prob? - it is a CD that my two Nieces want to use for there School project(s)


  Philip2 22:59 07 Apr 2003

Try using the Windows XP compatibility wizard you can choose to locate the program manually or set it up via the CD Rom drive for Windows 98/ME.
I asume it worked on your old system.

  tony777 23:18 07 Apr 2003

Well, tried the compatability wizard, but still not working, I get the same Promt that came up as listed, seems like a sort of sound problem compatability prob to me.

in the read me file it says

////"If you encounter the following error message regarding your
sound software, do not worry.

“The sound software is not installed properly or has been disabled. For more information see the README file installed
with this program. This title will now terminate.”

The instructions which follow will help you to resolve this

1. From the Start Menu, select Settings, and then Control

2. From the Control Panel, double-click on the Multimedia
icon. The Multimedia Properties dialog box should appear.

3. Click on the Advanced tab, then click on the ‘+’ sign to
the right of Audio Compression Codecs.

4. Double-click on the first Codec in the list. The Properties
dialog box for that Codec should appear.

5. Make sure that ‘Use this audio codec’ is selected. If it is
not, then you should click on the words ‘Use this audio
codec’ to select it. You MUST now click the Apply button.

6. Follow the above instructions for each audio codec in the

7. Now reinstall Body.

8. Make sure you restart your computer before attempting
to run Body again.////


How do I do this in windows XP (home)? - is there a short and simple way?.



  BigMoFoT 23:30 07 Apr 2003

How do mate - fully aware of your problem, if you have set it to run in compatability mode and are now gettin sound software decompression errors then follow this link, click here and under the sound section download the DK sound fix! It couldn't be simpler!

  tony777 00:44 08 Apr 2003

It still displays that message after having downloaded the DK fix-it. Not sure what it is now, and was surprised (very) that this fix-it utility didn't do the trick.

however, in the read me file, it goes on to say (if the first remedy doesn't work, as described above):

/////4.2.2 Other Audio Decompression problems

The following problems may result from running Body without the correct sound decompression drivers:

- An error message concerning the sound decompression drivers
(ADPCM) when you try to run the program.
- Unintelligible sound output from Body.
- Speeded up sound in some parts of Body (but not in animations).

If you are running Windows 95, to overcome any of these
problems, you should:

1. From the 'Start' menu, choose 'Settings', then choose 'Control

2. Click the 'Add/Remove Programs' icon. The 'Add/Remove
Programs Properties' dialog box will appear.

3. Select the 'Windows Setup' tab.

4. Highlight the 'Multimedia' option in the list, then select the
'Details' button. The Multimedia dialog box will appear.

5. If the 'Audio Compression' box is not checked, you should do
this now. Click 'OK' and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

6. If the 'Audio Compression' box is checked, you should click to
deselect it first. Select 'OK', and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Finally, repeat the whole operation to re-check the 'Audio Compression' box. This ensures that the up-to-date drivers are actually installed by Windows 95, and it doesn't just 'think' they are.

If the above steps do not help, you should ensure that the Microsoft ADPCM driver is enabled. To do this:

1. From the 'Start' menu, choose 'Settings', then choose 'Control

2. Click the 'Multimedia' icon. The 'Multimedia Properties' dialog
will now appear.

3. Select the 'Advanced' tab.

4. Click the '+' symbol next to 'Audio compression codecs'.

5. Click on the Microsoft ADPCM codec, then click the properties button.

6. In the dialog box that appears, make sure that ‘Use this audio codec’ is selected.

If the above procedure does not solve your problem you may also
try the following steps to disable all CODECs listed which contain
the text 'ADPCM' (apart from the 'Microsoft ADPCM CODEC'):

1. From the 'Start' menu, choose 'Settings', then choose 'Control

2. Click the 'Multimedia' icon. The 'Multimedia Properties' dialog
box will now appear.

3. Select the 'Advanced' tab.

4. Select the CODEC you wish to disable, from the list.

5. Select the 'Properties' tab to display the dialog above to the

6. Select 'Do not use this audio codec'.

7. Select 'OK'. Repeat the procedure for all other relevant

If this does not work, you should remove all MSACM.* files under DOS from the following directories:


You should then re-install Windows 95.////

I've yet to try this, as I'm not used to Windows XP. Will get back and see how I get on....but got that feeling:(


  tony777 03:33 08 Apr 2003

I think I need some old drivers from Windows 95 or something. "Audio compression drivers" ("CODEC" or something) are the ones that would work, but can I get the same ones that windows 95 uses...for windows XP (it worked on 98 too btw)


  €dstow 08:16 08 Apr 2003

DK no longer seem to sell software. You may have found one of the reasons.

I would be quite scared of stuffing my XP system with old codecs and other antique items trying to get an obsolete (W95) piece of software to function.


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