smegs 01:23 27 Sep 2003

Thanks for that. When I have reinstalled everything, there is no sign of Dell anywhere. I have about 7 to 8gbs on the h/drive. Thats with Xpoffice & drivers & Norton System works & Freeserve. Where am I going wrong.

  VoG II 01:30 27 Sep 2003

I think this refers to click here but but I'm not sure! Djohn will know!

  smegs 01:37 27 Sep 2003

U have lost me. I don't know what Ur on about. Sorry

  Djohn 01:39 27 Sep 2003

Not absolutely sure on this,but it does sound as if you may have a hidden partition taking up approximately 2GB of space. This will be the section of your drive that Dell has used for system restore, and is accessed by a restore CD.

If you think about it, a CD will only hold 650MB of information, so it would not be possible to place an O/S, Programs and all drivers on to one CD. The restore CD is therefore only a type of key to the partition.

Some suppliers will include instructions in the manual on how to remove this partition for you to format the drive completely and install Your own, or there copy of XP and your own programs and drivers. You will need to check in your manual or maybe give Dell a phone call. Regards. j.

  smegs 01:46 27 Sep 2003

Thankyou for the response. I will have to try it on another H/drive.

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