DIY on printer cartridge..!

  [email protected] 17:45 22 Oct 2003

HP deskjet 940c. B#gg#r...Despite removing the protective cover gently,a flat and essential piece of the print head of my replacement colour cartidge came with it! Probably faulty goods BUT as it was purchased ages ago and as such not likely to be exchanged.All is not lost however as I now have a full one which will never work and old one which still does, just.All I have to do is get the ink from one to tother.Simple. Heeellllllppppp....Any advice welcome

  woodchip 17:56 22 Oct 2003
  [email protected] 18:05 22 Oct 2003

thanks woodchip but what I was really after was advice on how to do it, without investing in a DIY kit.I have access to a hypo and I reckon the 3 separate "dimples" on the cartridge is where they were filled then sealed.Is it just a case of carefully making a hole (in both cartridges),sucking out the ink then squirting in the other (don't mean it to sound so easy as it probably is'nt), then sealing the holes again?
Thanks for the tip on the site though.

  [DELETED] 19:09 22 Oct 2003

Getting the ink from one to the other could be the easy bit. sealing the hole could be the awkward bit if you dont have the proper seals. You also need to squeeze the sides of the cartridge as you are putting in the seal to pressurize the ink.I have use a vice for this . I am not familiar with your printer but have done hundreds of cartridges for HP printers at school. Generally if you look at the top of the cartridge you will probably see a slight mound of mastic(plastic) cut this away gently with a sharp knife to uncover the seal and press it into the cartridge (you will never get it out) then transfer the ink and seal with a replacement plastic gubbins. Though where you will get a new seal without buying a KIt I dont know.

  [email protected] 19:36 22 Oct 2003

OK [email protected], many thanks for the 'gen. Looks like it will have to be a kit then unless the shop takes it back. Thanks again. I was tempted to buy another printer at the weekend, £50!! - less than I paid for 2 new cartridges for this one. What a carry on.

  [DELETED] 22:31 22 Oct 2003

Cheers, but look at the cartridge prices for epson printer at click here they really make you wonder what the companies who make genuine carts are playing at. I got 5 black and 4 colour for less than £20.0 for my epson stylus 880

  spuds 23:32 22 Oct 2003

I once had a problem with seals, and it was suggested by Choice Stationary that I use Blue Tack. Seemed to work on my HP refills.

Regarding the pressurizing, Choice sells the InkTec refill kits, which comes with a nice little pressurizing device, which can be used many times.

  [email protected] 08:27 23 Oct 2003

OK guys: the refill kit from Choice should be on its way as we speak.My HP printer came with the package 2/3yrs ago and as I have always been delighted with the results so no reason to change or compare cartridge prices.From the Forum though, I see the price of same is a real thorny subject but accepted this as we live in a "throw away" society. It's only now with a duff, unusable but full cartridge this has all been laid at my doorstep, but its a sad thing when your choice of printer is limited to which cartidge you can afford or that its even cheaper to buy a new printer every year! Crazy.
Thanks again and wish me luck. Now where did I put my rubber gloves......

  [email protected] 08:33 23 Oct 2003

I just re-read your bit about a vice to do the pressure thing.Surely when you release the vice a vacuum is created? It all sounds a bit frightening as I have just decorated my office!!!No big deal really as I understand all the bits I need will be in the refill pack but thanks for your advice.I will let you know how I get on.

  [DELETED] 11:15 23 Oct 2003

Wotbus is right, if you squeeze the sides of the cartridge and then seal it, when you release the 'squeeze' a partial vacuum will be created inside the cartridge.

  [DELETED] 14:07 23 Oct 2003

I think that that was the idea. A small vaccuum prevented ink dripping from the jets. Dont know the full reason but believe me I did HUNDREDs like that at school before I became a happy teacher. ie.Retired. In those days they were for the HP 540 deskjets. But I have done some for my old 820cxi in exactly the same way, but now I have found the compatables I dont bother.

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