DIY or Professional

  Analyst02 01:24 03 Jun 2004

My new business will open it's doors (hopefully} in about 7 or 8 weeks.

I am interested in getting a website created to aid in the marketing and representation of the company.

question: Do i pay a professional to create and run a site and so incurr a substantial cost (whatever that maybe be) if so is there anybody you recommend? Or... Do i learn the basics and have a go myself?

  Forum Editor 07:12 03 Jun 2004

via the forum I'm afraid, and although several of us are in that business ourselves it's a general rule that we don't use the forum as a means of obtaining business. If you take a look at the UK Web Designers Association site you'll find over 8000 registered designers
click here

Do it yourself? Of course you can. If you're reasonably computer-literate, and prepared to take time to absorb the various protocols and techniques involved you'll be able to produce a perfectly respectable site, as many of our forum members have done.

If you decide to take that route, feel free to come here as often as you need to for advice and help - that's what we're here for.

  Taran 09:19 03 Jun 2004

fourm member raises a very valid point at the end of his reply.

Many small or one man businesses often fall foul of getting so caught up in one element of the trading process that business suffers badly as a result and they often don't see it happening.

It's like the old story where a man was looking for a more efficient way of processing his paperwork than the two nails on blocks of wood method. Orders in went on one nail, orders completed went on the other. He bought a computer and spent weeks trying to figure out Excel and Access to help automate his process. He went bust because more time was spent trying to become more efficient than was spent processing orders from one nail to the other...

All I would say on this is that although it is perfectly possible to produce a good site if you have or gain the skills to do so, having one built for you by a professional may cost more from the outset but will also remove any time investment overhead and learning process involved. Only you can put a price on your time.

If you do have the time and the inclination, have a go. If things do not go according to plan you can always seek help later, but don't leave it too long since most designers will have a waiting list for their work and if you ask for a site to be delivered by next week you are not likely to get the best result sympathetically designed and aimed squarely at your market. The time frame you are working to now is right about when you need to be making your decision to DIY or go with a professional solution.

  Charence 11:24 03 Jun 2004

It is very possible for you learn how to create a good website within the next 7-8 weeks, however, to create one with e-commerce facilities may require you to study very hard within the forthcoming months.

If you hire a professional web designer to make a website the costs could be very high. My friend who designs websites charges a lot for very simple designs. I think he charges over £100 for a simple template design and more for more advanced site. This is something you could easily do yourself, but it will take time and as the others have said, you will need to decide whether you will have time to make a website whilst still running the business.

Have a look around and see which option will suit you best.


  Analyst02 20:06 03 Jun 2004

Thankyou gentlemen for your help.

i think i will go with the nothing ventured nothing gained with this and have a good go at it myself first off. As forum Editor said you folks are always here to help. that will be very comforting in the weeks ahead.

Thanks again for your wise thoughs.

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