Divert domain name emails to one email account?

  manrow 23:08 20 Mar 2008

Most of the time I use a BT/Yahoo email browser.

Can I easily divert my other emails to my BT/Y one, say my hotmail emails for example?

  manrow 23:27 20 Mar 2008

Thanks MAJ.

I take it this just means the email is copied to wherever you direct, so may need to be answered from the original email address - is that correct?

  Taff™ 06:42 21 Mar 2008

You need to check with your Domain Hosting company. If you have a Control Panel access to your domain you should, if it is enabled, be able to set up a redirect for all e-mails to your e-mail account of preference. I`ve never used Hotmail so I cdon`t know if it is possible to redirect that mail to your BT/Yahoo account.

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