Ditched SKY gone to cable (TV)

  De Marcus™ 22:22 04 Jun 2006

My contract with SKY ended recently and I've now signed up with Telewest broadband for the 'supreme package'. The installation date was far too long away (3 weeks) for my wife to bear (me too, if I'm honest) so we opted for self installation. Apparently we'll get a 'box' delivered tommorow, my question is, how do you install it? I'm sure there will be instructions, but any pointers?

  mole44 08:18 05 Jun 2006

you need there cable installed in the first place.to be honest i don`t think its a self instalation.i`m with NTL and they did it all.

  martjc 09:02 05 Jun 2006

...I've just done the same thing as you. Then found that the signal breaks up almost as much as Sky and the software in the box is very slow to respond. Also, you can't set a reminder for a program more than a day in advance, unless you pay more for an extra service.

  De Marcus™ 12:05 05 Jun 2006

I was told the previous owners had the box installed (found the master socket) so all i would need was the box itself and cables, I've got it now so will be installing it tonight. martjc, sounds terrible, I'll let you know how I get on, I paid extra for the 'teleport' system.

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