Ditch My Documents?

  wee eddie 13:45 29 Jul 2004

The last computer technician to get his mitts on this PC, about 2 years ago - I now try to do all my maintenance with the help of you lot, suggested that in the interests of desktop tidiness, I keep all my folders in the My Documents folder. This I did.

System: IBM Aptiva K500 - 256Mg Ram - Win 98se - HDD 30Gb. containing about 9Gb. of M$ Office stuff.

My new TFT was a vast, elegant, expanse of beautiful deep blue.

However, when drilling down through two or three layers of sub-folders, the various documents took an incredible time to load; sometimes I needed to click several times before I could get one to open.

So, last week, I pulled everything back onto the Desk Top.

Problem solved.


  expertec 13:49 29 Jul 2004

Don't know, but I would have tried Defrag

  inneedofhelp 14:45 29 Jul 2004

it will load faster when on the desktop becuase it 'pre-loaded' to memory. This is good if u want quick access to these, however when u try other programs, then they will run slower. U really should keep then in Mydocuments, or anywhere else, but desktop

  Graham ® 14:51 29 Jul 2004

If they are Office documents, when you open one it will have to start the program in which it was created.

You could always create a new folder on the desktop and drag the documents into that.

  wee eddie 16:15 29 Jul 2004

if it might be due to the length on the file name.

Maybe it was the Russian Egg Syndrome.

e.g. File, within Folder, within Folder, within Folder.

It definitely wasn't a fragmentation problem, as that has been part of the weekly maintenance schedule since forever.

  Djohn 17:06 29 Jul 2004

I agree to an extent. The way I use My Documents folder is for temporary storage of all new or in-progress documents/files as I am working on them.

I have a shortcut to Windows Explorer on the desktop, one click then opens the C drive and I expand the individual folders as required.

Example would be separate folders for Personal/business/downloads/photo's/bank details/utilities/suppliers and so on. the method works fine for me, any folders that contain a large amount of work needing fairly frequent access has a shortcut on the desktop.

  wee eddie 17:53 29 Jul 2004

For Example: Each Item is in a Folder within another Folder:

Staff Folder > Current Employees Folder > Individuals Folder > Letters, Memos, Scans of Qualifications, etc.

  wee eddie 20:55 29 Jul 2004

Please read as "Filing"

  canard 22:02 29 Jul 2004

Found in Win98SE that shifting big files to a new folder in windows explorer speeded things up. I read that allocated space in mydocs and desktop is quite limited- so maybe this is why moving things into a bigger cupboard worked well. You can always have a shortcut handy for stuff you are always using.

  wee eddie 16:05 19 Dec 2004

Question is now irrelevant

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