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Disturbance to phone line since moving PC

  Daisy22 18:22 21 Nov 2007

I moved the PC around on Sunday to a different room and since then everytime I use the telephone I get an awful crackling noise for the first couple of minutes, then it stops and is ok but sounds echoey (I usually make calls via PC with one of the direct dial systems - PC to phone connection).

Any ideas of how to cure the problem please? I do have a lot of electric wires and cables next to the phone socket, and wondered if it is this that is causing the crackling?

  Clapton is God 20:17 21 Nov 2007

"I do have a lot of electric wires and cables next to the phone socket"

It certainly won't help. Try moving them away from the phone socket.

Also, do you have (working) ADSL filters on every phone socket which has a phone/fax/Sky box, etc attached to it?

  Daisy22 20:50 21 Nov 2007

Yes I have filters, there was never a problem before we moved the PC, but now there is.

We use a livebox - don't know if that makes any difference?

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