Distribution Lists

  griffo 10:11 17 Mar 2010

Outlook 2007 is driving me mad! I managed to create a new Distribution List in addition to 'Contacts', under 'My Contacts' but that list is as large as I want it to be now.

So I am trying to add another separate Distribution List (making 3 lists in My Contacts) but each time I create a new list it adds it into the latest list I created, rather than a new stand-alone heading under My Contacts.

I cannot work out what I'm doing wrong, I have looked on the MS site and followed the instructions but it keeps placing it into the newest list. Can anyone help please?

  Woolwell 10:17 17 Mar 2010

I have several Distribution Lists in and amongst the rest of the contacts. To create each one I go to Actions - New Distribution List and then give it a unique name. Then Click on select members and choose from those within my contacts. The save and close.

I'm sorry but i don't really understand what you are doing differently.

  griffo 10:27 17 Mar 2010

If I go to 'Contacts' in the LH navigation bar, it takes me to the page showing 'My Contacts' as a heading (top LH side of screen). If I expand 'My Conatcts', there is a list of all me contacts, simply called 'Contacts' plus a new Distribution List called - say 'distribution list 1'.

I have added the required number of email contacts within this list and now wish to create a new separate list called - say 'distribution list 2'.

I expected this new list to appear as a new heading under 'My Contacts' i.e.

My Contacts >>
Distribution List 1
Distribution List 2

But it doesn't. Each time I try to create 'distribution list 2', it places it within 'distribution list 1' not as a separate headed list, as shown above.

I hope that makes sense?

  MAT ALAN 10:38 17 Mar 2010

1. Go to the Standard toolbar and click New and select Distribution List (if you aren’t displaying the Standard toolbar, click File, mouseover New and select Distribution List).

2. A blank Distribution List will appear. In the Name textbox, input a name for your list.

3. Go to the Ribbon, in the Members section, and click Select Members.

4. The Select Members window will appear.

5. Double-click on each contact you wish to add to the list, they will appear in the Members textbox.

6. When you have selected all of the contacts you wish to add to the distribution list, click OK.

7. In the Distribution List window, go to the Ribbon and in the Actions section, click Save & Close.

8. The newly created distribution list will now appear in your contacts

  griffo 10:41 17 Mar 2010

Thanks for the response, however, that's exactly what I have been doing and it keeps putting the new distribution list within the lastest list, not as a new heading under My Contacts.

  Woolwell 10:41 17 Mar 2010

I think you may have created a folder called distribution list 1 rather than a distribution list. My distribution lists do not appear as a heading under My Contacts - I just have Contacts. The distribution lists are amongst the contacts in alphabetical order.

  griffo 10:44 17 Mar 2010

You've cracked it - well done that man! I have just created a New Folder under My Contacts and it appears as a new separate heading - just as I wanted.

I find this much more manageable. Many thanks

  Woolwell 10:49 17 Mar 2010

But it is not a distribution list as described by MS.

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