Distorted playback on music CD

  Peter Lanky 19:06 21 Jun 2010

I have a music CD which I tried to play on my PC (Windows 7), but the sound was very distorted (like a vinyl LP with fluff on the stylus) so I set about trying to eliminate the problem. I tried each of these with no problem:
I tried another CD on the PC,
I played it on the HiFi,
I played it on another PC (Vista),
I played a previously ripped .wma file of it.

I tried Real Player instead of Windows Media player on my PC and the problem persisted. Clearly there is nothing wrong with my PC or the CD. The only difference was the operating system on the 2 computers. I know Sony did some dodgy copy protection a few years back but I don't know what form this took, and I thought all the rogue CDs had been recalled anyway.

Any suggestions.

  natdoor 19:45 21 Jun 2010

You state that you played another CD on the same PC. Presumably that gave distorted sound as well. That being so, I think that the problem is with your CD player in that PC, since it is unlikely that software is at fault. I suggest that you use a CD cleaner to clean the laser to attempt to resolve the problem.

  Peter Lanky 20:06 21 Jun 2010

No. I stated above that I tried another CD with no problem.

  MAT ALAN 20:12 21 Jun 2010

Is the CD genuine or downloaded from a file sharing website.

  Peter Lanky 12:50 23 Jun 2010

Genuine CD

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