Distorted picture

  WHU 22:45 16 Jul 2004

Ive ust got myself an old pc for my mum and dad to use. Its their first pc, so just wanted to get them something cheap and basic. When the pc starts, everything is fine, but as soon as windows has finished loading and goes to the desktop the picture becomes all distorted. Ive tried it in safe mode and the picture is fine. Someone mentioned it could be the monitor driver, but ive looked at this in safe mode, but just says that the latest driver is installed. They havent got access to the internet yet, and have no restore or windows disk.
I presume its a software problem rather than a hardware one.
Has anyone got any ideas what the problem might be, and how this can be resolved.

  cga 22:48 16 Jul 2004

Is there any power source near the monitor (probably at the side)?

  Dorsai 22:55 16 Jul 2004

Or anyting magnetic at all (a fridge magnet will distort a CRT picture)?? Speakers, etc. Or perhaps the monitor just needs setting up properly?

  WHU 23:01 16 Jul 2004

No theres no power sources nearby, only the pc speakers, but there not even plugged in at the moment. Like i said, the pictures fine in safe mode, but in normal mode, i cant see nothing clearly enough to do anything.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:04 16 Jul 2004

If picture is fine in safe mode then is NOT magnetic interference or monitor problem.

Therefore must be a driver problem uninstall / reinstall driver, first making sure is correct driver for graphics adapter what graphic card do you have?

  WHU 23:10 16 Jul 2004

Im not sure of the graphics card. Only got it today from someone at work who was going to throw it away, but who tells me it worked fine (and i believe them). Are you saying its the graphics card driver that needs to be installed, rather than the monitor driver?
How do i uninstall/reinstall in safe mode?
Sorry to sound vague.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:52 17 Jul 2004

Have you tried changing the settings, it sounds to me that your monitor is setup to only 16 colours. Right click the desktop and choose properties from the menu. Click on the settings tab and change the colour quality to one that is of the most colours. If this does'nt do the trick right click the icon for my computer and choose properties from the menu, find device manager and find your make of monitor (display adaptor) and search the web for the latest driver....TT

  WHU 12:21 17 Jul 2004

Thanks TT that seems to have done the job. Cheers.

  THE TERMINATOR 19:55 17 Jul 2004

Any time pal....TT

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