Distorted Images

  Paula Michelle 22:37 08 May 2005

I am thinking about buying a TFT monitor. The resolution on the monitor is 1280x1024.

But that is a ratio of 1.25:1 or 5-4.

And all my pictures are taken with 4:3 ratios, such as 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1600x1200.

Now if you view my photos at a ratio of 1024x720 they look really distorted. That is 1.42 to 1.

This has caused me to wonder what is reality? If the screen distorts reality, and you don't know what the original ratio of the image is, how can you know that what you are looking at is right?

And surely, if the majority of images on the internet are shown at 4:3 then any 1280x1024 monitor is distorting the image, isn't it?

And how do those people in the business of getting real images manage, such as astronomers and designers?

I would love to know what you think about this, because I don't fancy looking at a distorted world....I gave up smoking high grade stuff years ago.


  hssutton 08:39 09 May 2005

I think you will find there is no distortion as the image will be presented in the 4-3 ratio. If however you increase the viewing size of the image to fill the screen you will not be able to see all of it. i.e. an image in portrait viewed to fill the screen top to bottom would not fill the screen at the sides.

I use a TFT 1280 X 1024 for all my photographic work, which accounts for 90% of my PC usage.

  Diemmess 10:15 09 May 2005

Echoing what hssutton has said, I changed to a tft a couple of years ago mainly because of its smaller desktop "footprint"

Have never looked back except to think that I would like something larger than 17"!

  hssutton 10:32 09 May 2005

Diemmess, I endorse what you say about a larger screen size, but don't make the mistake I made by going to 19", as the screen res. is the same as a 17", and if you're doing photography as I do, all your images look very noisy. This must be due to the larger pixels, so an upgrade needs to be to 21".
However if it's just for general PC work, then a 19" is much better.

  Paula Michelle 10:54 09 May 2005

What am I getting wrong here? I am right now using 1280x1024 and it looks terrible. I need a pair of binoculars to see this text. But this monitor is getting very shadowy and is total crap (after CTX replaced my original one following a failure with a much poorer one)....and I really have got used to a large screen.

Assuming that I don't wish to know the underlying technical problems and solutions......and that you guys know a darn sight more than I do, a photographer should know, do you think I'll be OK with a 19" Iiyama Prolite E385 TFT?

  hssutton 11:44 09 May 2005

Paula, you can right click on your desktop and go to properties and adjust the DPI to increase the font size and also adust your icon sizes. I have no experience of the Iiyama model but should be perfectly acceptable, with the provision that a 19" does make high res images look a little noisy/grainy. which you soon become accustomed to

  pauldonovan 12:27 09 May 2005

I disagree - I use a 19" screen and it is great for digital photography, haven't noticed any noise issues at all.

You are right about the resolution being the same however I much prefer my 19" tft to my 17", it is nice to have things bigger !

  Paula Michelle 12:31 09 May 2005

So I won't look fatter, then?

  hssutton 13:41 09 May 2005

pauldonovan, You are entitled to disagree, but as the pixels are bigger so the noise must be more emphasised, I am talking high res images in the region of 30Mbs. I can assure you the noise is definitely noticable.

  Diemmess 14:59 09 May 2005

Distortion - Nil, in fact no threat of pincushion or rhomboid shape.

Text IS small, but for one who used to run a 17" Iliama CRT at nearly the same resolution, is (to my eyes) pin sharp, and no jaggies.

With best glasses and very close to the screen, I can see a fine reseau if that's the word. I would imagine that at 19" or larger this fine "screen" would be more obvious, but sitting the same distance away would have more readable text. If I look at the old Iliama, (given to a daughter and G/sons) it looks fuzzy.

I enjoy a re-awakening of a photo hobby and a more enlightened friend said of noise, "it is what you used to call grain........" I can live with that, because it only shows when magnification is becoming huge and I am doing detail work.

No Paula Michelle, you won't look fatter unless you wear a stripey jumper, but I can't remember which way the stripes run to achieve this!

  pauldonovan 16:51 09 May 2005

..I often edit images of that size and have seen no noise.

Perhaps if you view them at 100% (1 image pixel per screen pixel) but then no image ends up like that normally for web/print.

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