distance from BT exchange

  magic 20:51 19 Feb 2003

I have just ordered my ADSL connection from Pipex but would like to know if anyone knows a website where I can find out how far I live from the nearest BT exchange?
I'm NOT referring to an ADSL checker which will tell you if your postcode or tel. number is within the 5.5km needed for ADSL, i've already done that. I would like to know if I live within the 3km range as I have heard it said that the closer you are to an exchange, the quicker your connection will be.

I know there probably isnt a way of finding out, but usually if there is an answer someone at the forum would have it so, here goes...

  Hachi-Roku 21:06 19 Feb 2003

im not sure if this is a proper answer your looking for but sometimes you can just call BT to ask where it is lol!

  Andrew P 21:16 19 Feb 2003

Don't know if this will work, but it's the only thing I can think of.

First, go to click here, and click 'Postcode finder' at the top of the page. You will need to register with them - i think it's free. When you get to the postcode finder screen, type in 'British Telecom' under 'premesis' and your town's/city's name. You should then get the postcode for your BT exchange. Make a note of it.

Go to click here. there is an orange rectangle near the top, labelled 'routes'. In the to: box, type in the BT Exchange's postcode - in the from: box type in your postcode. If it askes you to confirm them, make sure they are right, then click go. You will be taken to a page with a map. Underneath the map is a section with directions, and under those it will say the estimated travelling time and distance.

i know its a bit long, but as i said before its all i could think of - hope it helps!!

Andrew P

  sattman 21:17 19 Feb 2003

Dial 17070 then press option 3 (fast test)
Then press option 1 - yes -
Then press option 2 (ring back test)
Put phone down. You will get a call back in 10 secs one of the bits of info will be the distance that you are from the exchange in km
CLI dial 1470 in front of 17070

  Hachi-Roku 21:22 19 Feb 2003

wow does that work??? i should try that lol!

  magic 23:05 19 Feb 2003

Brilliant, I have found out that I'm only a mile from my local exchange, thats a really clever way of figuring it out. Thanks.

Sattman - also tried your idea, unfortunately, didnt work, needed "authorisation" whatever that is. Your not a Bt engineer by any chance are you?

  Forum Editor 00:00 20 Feb 2003

that as far as ADSL is concerned the distance from the exchange must be the 'cable distance'. That is, every little twist and turn that the cable takes to reach your house from the exchange must be included in the calculation.

The cable obviously doesn't travel in a straight line, and the ADSL signal has to travel in the cable so..........it's not a calculation that you can really do yourself - you don't know what route the cable takes.

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