Dissconnection problems

  paulwb22 00:42 03 Jun 2010

Hello, apologies in advance if something similar has been asked but I thought I'd make a topic relevant to my problem.

I bought a Belkin N wireless router a few days ago, everything seemed fine at first, connected with good speed. But within a few hours I got disconnected, upon checking the status bar of my network "ipv4 connectivity" showed no internet access despite my wireless router being on and every light shining a positive blue. I was unable to get internet access back, the only way was to unplug the wireless router and plug it back in, then it re-connects.

Does anyone have any possible ideas on what I can do to make sure I get a permanent connection. My provider is BT.

Thanks in advance. Paul

  mgmcc 09:16 03 Jun 2010

The first thing I'd be inclined to try is to connect the PC to the router by *ethernet cable* to determine if the problem is with the "wireless" connection between computer and router, or something else.

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