dissappearing icons

  desi3026 10:34 01 Apr 2010

Can anyone tell me how to get the monitor icons that reside in bottom right area near clock back?
Everything else as normal,but just mystified as to how to get them back.This happened once last year and someone from this forum told me what to do,but have forgotten.

  rdave13 10:39 01 Apr 2010

Dont know yout OS but first try right clicking the taskbar, select properties and under the taskbar tab select notification area then customize. Select show icon and notification (always) for the netwark icon.

  michaelw 10:43 01 Apr 2010

Or you can go to control panel/network connections, open and go to properties, show icon in notification area when connected.

  desi3026 10:45 01 Apr 2010

Tried that,but customise is not highlighted.Sorry forgot to say I'm XP sp3,keep forgetting theres been two o/s since xp.

  desi3026 10:51 01 Apr 2010

ok,went to control panel/net connections.Checked the show connected icon.
Many thanks for quick response michaelw and rdave13
Have made a note this time in case it happens again.

  birdface 10:53 01 Apr 2010

You should be able to do it the way rdave13 outlined there should be a customize button and when you get to items running make sure one of them is showing never show in the dropdown box.
That would bring your icons back on the taskbar.Ok Apply ok

  Sea Urchin 10:57 01 Apr 2010

It's not the icons that desi3026 was missing - just the network connection icon which michaelw successfully sorted.

  desi3026 10:58 01 Apr 2010

Tried that again to see,but the customise button is there but not highlighted.The control panel route did the trick though.Wondered why they suddenly dissappeared in the first place?

  desi3026 11:00 01 Apr 2010

sorry didnt say network connection icons in first place,probably caused a bit of confusion there.
Great forum guys.

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