Dissapearing icons in the system tray

  bigredone 21:39 31 Jul 2006

I have a problem with some of the icons in my system tray disseapearing on startup. I dont allways get all the icons that should be displayed. I have hidden some of them in the prefferences but otheres come and go randomly can anyone advise me ho to stop this annoying problem. a very frustrated Bigredone


  ade.h 21:42 31 Jul 2006

It is not clear from your post whether the missing icons are missing entirely or just choose to disappear behind the chevron.

If it is the latter, that is quite a common bug with the option to hide certain icons.

  bigredone 21:45 31 Jul 2006

they are missing entirely ade.h but if i reboot I get them back but it's frustrating to have to reboot every time

  Jackcoms 21:52 31 Jul 2006

Bear in mind, also, that the icon for some programs will only appear when that program is 'active' in some way. At other times the icon will be COMPLETELY hidden.

The icon for Windows Defender is an example of this behaviour.

  beeuuem 21:59 31 Jul 2006

This has been raised previously and different answers given. You could try click here

  bigredone 22:21 31 Jul 2006

Tahnks for all the help every body beeuueem the link was most helpful

  beeuuem 01:20 02 Aug 2006

Actually I helped myself. For some time now if I selected Mailwasher to minimise on start up, the icon would not appear in the Taskbar. The only solution was to let it run at full screen and minimise it after start up.
I had tried some of the fixes in the thread that I referred to, but couldn't find, above.
I tried the suggestions in the link above and found that Mailwasher now performs properly!!

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