rotormota 08:42 20 Oct 2006


I recently bought a brand new computer with pre-installed 60 day time limited Norton Internet Security 2006. I already own Norton System Works & NIS 2005 & these were loaded on my old PC.

Having just renewed my subscription to both of these 2005 products I obviously had the best part of a year to run.

I have re-installed NSW including Norton Anti-Virus on my new PC & the new subscription runs out in approximately a year...all is well. But NIS is a whole different kettle of fish.

I have asked Symantec as to how I extend the 60 day limit (now down to 40) to the years subscription I have purchased. Initially they were helpful (via email) suggesting ways of correcting the situation which I carried out. Inevitably many time consuming uninstalls & reinstalls were involved & now I still do not have my years subscription reinstated.

Symantec have now chosen to ignore me for the last 10 days despite my threat to report them to my credit card company for not supplying the goods I have paid for.

Has anyone else come across this situation?

Many thanks.

  Jimmy14 03:04 21 Oct 2006

The only other option I could recommend to you is chatting with a Symantec support agent live (through a messenger service connection) and maybe he/she will be able to fix your problem there and then. I was going to suggest phoning Symantec and giving you the number but its an astonishing £18 per incident and not guaranteed fixed after paying £18. You should try this and you never know it might work,
click here
Post back the outcome

  Catastrophe 03:19 21 Oct 2006

Having supported Norton for many years I have now changed to McAfee losing part of my Norton subscription in the process.

I will never touch Norton again with a barge pole.

  Enoch 06:06 21 Oct 2006

I had the situation were my subscription with Norton was running out prior to my installation of the latest program which I had purchased. The delay was due to my being out of the country during the end of the old subscription and starting the new installation.

One phone call to Norton technical support solved the problem. They extended my subscription on the older program without hesitation immediately after my explanation. After replacing the telephone, I check how many days on my subscription was left and it had already changed to the new figure.

My understanding is that they will do this only once for a user as advantages could be taken if they kept on extending

  rotormota 11:45 22 Oct 2006

Thanks. I will try the live messenger service. At this point in time I have reported the incident (not received goods paid for) to my credit card company.


  gudgulf 12:05 22 Oct 2006

Are you saying you are asking Norton to extend the 60 day trial of NIS2006 to the full year based on your renewal of the 2005 product?

Nortons terms state that any license remaining on the existing version is not transferable to the new product.

If you've only just renewed 2005 though there's no harm in asking if your subscription can be applied to extending the 2006 trial.

  rotormota 12:18 22 Oct 2006

I am very angry now. I just tried the online agent who judging by the name must have been in India. No surprise there then!

Despite there being a drop down choice of matters to discuss including subscriptions they palmed me off with a pre-typed respone about calling an international number for help.

I asked if there was a UK number & was met with exactly the same international number message at which point they abruptly disconnected me.

  rotormota 12:21 22 Oct 2006

Thanks g. That is exactly what I have been asking for the last 3 weeks via email to there tech dept. They knew exactly what I wanted to do & suggested all manner of ways to do it which did not work.

As of the last 10 days they have stopped responding & now this encounter with their helpful online agent....not.

  gudgulf 13:18 22 Oct 2006

Be very wary of using the phone helpline......there is a large charge for this service....you will probably be able to nip to PC World and buy the 2007 versiuon for the price of the phone call!

I would uninstall the 2006 trial and install the 2005 version of NIS...you should then get your full years subscription.

I don't think there is a lot of difference between the 2005/2006 versions......Then buy the 2008 version when your subscription runs out next year, if you still want to stick with Norton.

  Lettervanman 17:02 22 Oct 2006

I upgraded to NIS 2007 from 2006 and sent an email asking if the remaining 48 days left on 2006 could be added. I had email with instructions and was able to add those days to 2007.

  Fellsider 17:11 22 Oct 2006

Uninstall the trial version

Install the 2005 version using the code/registration key for that version.

AFAIK it should work.

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