gell 15:25 29 Apr 2005

I am in dispute with TELIVO which renewed the wrong web site and refused to rectify.
Does anyone know of a trade organisation for web providers to which a complaint can be made

  PurplePenny 19:48 29 Apr 2005

Have you contacted Trading Standards. If you can prove that you requested that the correct domain be renewed they must have broken some clause or other of their contract with you.

  Forum Editor 19:49 29 Apr 2005

we'll be able to help. What exactly do you mean by "...renewed the wrong web site"?

Please explain what happened.

  spuds 23:08 29 Apr 2005

There are a number of organizations that maybe able to assist with your complaint, but a little bit more information from you would help in directing you to these sources.

  gell 11:39 30 Apr 2005

Thanks for replies.
I have two web sites with Telivo and both are due for renewal.
The first click here and the second click here.

Mr.Collis od collis-brickwork did not wish to continue but Mr.Finnis of the Invicta site did so sent a cheque which was returned as they do not accept cheques.he then arrnged a debit transfer for Invicta.
Then we found Invicta off the air but Collis=brickwork continuing.
Both Mr Finnis and I phoned Telivo and we both emailed but Telivo are adamant it is our fault and will do nothing about it.
It cannot be our fault as Mr.Finnis knew absoluitely nothing about Collis.
You would think that it would be a simple matter for telivo to take Collis off and reinstate Invicta but they will not do and are not answering e-mails.
Any help would be apprecaiated

  PurplePenny 12:14 30 Apr 2005

Who did they contact about renewal? You or the company owners?

Did you e-mail them to let them know which was to be renewed? If so do you still have a copy of that e-mail?

  gell 12:18 30 Apr 2005

No we did not email.You had to click on the reminder they sent

  Forum Editor 12:36 30 Apr 2005

"I have two web sites with Telivo and both are due for renewal" do you measn that the domain names are due for renewal, or the hosting accounts?

Domain name renewal notices are sent to the person named as the administrative contact for the name, or directly to the person to whom the name was registered. In the case of names registered via a hosting company it's often the case that the company (or an officer of the company) is named as the administrative contact - and you would receive no renewal reminder unless that person sent you one. If you were sent a reminder, and you responded by paying the renewal fee that's that - your name would normally be renewed, at least it would so long as the host company paid the registering agency for renewal.

If a name registration is not renewed by the due date it will lapse, and the name would become available for registration by someone else - there would be nothing a web host could do in that situation - other than to register the name afresh.

If you are referring to renewal of a web-hosting agreement the situation is different. If the host has inadvertantly deleted the wrong account it is a simple matter to reinstate it, but of course the site that was occupying the server space will almost certainly have been deleted.

Which scenario is the one that applies here? As I write the brickwork url generates a 'page not available' message, and the invicta url produces a custom 'site currently unavailable' message.

  spuds 12:50 30 Apr 2005

Agree with the FE comments.

I notice that the Invicta-airway site is currently unavailable, and the collis-brickwork site is displaying a dispute notice.

Regarding both domains, I notice that they are still active, with commencement 2004 and renewals 2006.

  gell 14:19 30 Apr 2005

It is the hosting accounts that are due for renewal.I have deleted what was on Collis brickwork and put the dispute notice on.
Quite simply we did not want collis brickwork but did want Invicta-airways.You say it is quite simple to rectify and I agree but Telvio quite simply won't, for some reason do it. We have paid for the renewal and we maintain they have renewed the wrong site.
Anyway, now I have put in an on-line complaint to the Trading Standards and anyone reading this can draw their own conclusions about Telvio.
Thanks for your comments,folks

  PurplePenny 20:48 30 Apr 2005

Who did the renewal reminders go to?

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