Disposal of old Pc

  daz03 18:26 03 Oct 2004

I am hoping to receive my new machine this week and wondered if anyone had any tips for disposing of old pc?

  terryr48 18:30 03 Oct 2004

offer it on local radio if you want to give it away there are many charities or community centres who would be grateful for a pc

  david.h 18:37 03 Oct 2004

i will take it you are need staines area

  Diemmess 18:42 03 Oct 2004

Endorse terryr48

Local radio is good for finding new homes for anything which is no use to you, but too good to throw away.

I parted with 40yr old darkroom enlarger and developing equipment only yesterday via this means. Had a nice chat with the one who took it away, and felt he would make some use of the stuff in a genuine experimental way.

  rawprawn 18:54 03 Oct 2004

Sorry to but in, but does anyone know where I can find a list of charities that recondition PC's. I woul like to volunteer to help. That way I could get more experience of building/rebuilding PC's and perhaps do some good along the way. I know that a lot are "reconditioned" and sent to countries where they are needed but can't afford them.

  Belatucadrus 20:28 03 Oct 2004
  Graham ® 20:48 03 Oct 2004

Good link!

  spuds 22:41 03 Oct 2004

This is a question that is asked on a regular basis.In general, most standard charities will not except them due to health and safety regulations. Companies that advertise or offer disposal of old computer and similar equipment, either want bulk supplies due to transport costs or free delivery to their collection point.

If you contact your local council, they may have a list of possible disposal points. Another suggestion would be a free newspaper or shop window advert. You could also ask local people for suggestions. Be careful if you dispose of it local, nothing like the new owner wanting 'aftersales' help and service!.

  Montoyaikkonenna 23:20 03 Oct 2004

Although this is not much use unless you live local to me {Croydon}
but my son wants to work in computers when he leaves school, [he says building, but so far its mostly destroying] and i know he cant get enough old computers to take apart, mend, etc [or whatever he does in that loft all night]

anyway he would be more than happy to take them off your hands.

so if your in stuck with an old puter & local to me Just P.M. me, an i can probably arrange a pick up

  Completealias 12:53 04 Oct 2004

If your any where near the Plymouth area theres a computer recycling project in Plymouth CFE kings road campus follow link for there website click here

  pj123 16:47 04 Oct 2004

This is a very difficult problem. I get many old PCs taken in part exchange for new ones. Unfortunately, most charity shops CAN'T take anything electrical (not just PCs) for resale unless they have a test certificate (which costs a lot of money) and they don't have the resources to have everything tested. I think your best bet is to advertise in your local paper, or if you have Freeads in your area try them. You could even try giving it away for free to anyone who wants to collect it, but I found that doesn't work very often (people see things given away for free as suspicious). The only bits I am able to salvage from old computers are the Floppy Disk drive and the CD rom drive. The rest goes into the Skip and is disposed of.

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