Display/Pixels Issue from Day one

  Mattgray09 00:17 17 Dec 2014

Basically since I first got my pc which was custom built but not by myself, I have had this problem when pixels flash up on my screen everynow and then that flicker for long periods of time and distort the image on screen. Sometimes this problem wont appear for days but it does it all the time and I cant find a solution. I have also in the process switched from using a tv and bought a new monitor with the problem still persisting. That means I know its not the display causing this and I therefore cant work it out. I will leave some pictures to show the issue. Thanks for any help I could get.

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  northumbria61 11:45 17 Dec 2014

First thing would be to check the cable and connections between the PC and Monitor to see that everything is firmly connected.

If you are competent in opening up your PC then try re-seating the Graphics Card with the PC turned OFF.
If not, then contact the person or firm that built it for you.

Also, if it's under Warranty then I would be making contact regarding this.

  spuds 12:03 17 Dec 2014

Agree with the above suggestions.

You could also consider doing a bench test click here

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