Display stops working... GPU or power supply?

  aaron.boland 22:46 24 May 2017

Hey there,

My PC display fails (goes black) just before I hit the log in screen, and the previous screens for the boot process are noticeably at the wrong resolution.

The display worked in safe mode (at low res) and continued to work when I uninstalled the drivers. However, it failed again when the drivers were reinstalled and initialised and, again, on reboot, wouldn't reach the login screen.

To troubleshoot, today I booted into an Ubuntu live USB and lo and behold, everything was fine. I then booted into Windows, which seemed fine.

I then took the opportunity to reinstall Ubuntu after a long hiatus and, again, everything was working fine for about an hour (I'd installed the Nvidia drivers), then, all of a sudden, the resolution went really low.

On reboot, the same problem of low res boot screens and screen shutting off at the login screen occurred again.

I removed the graphics card and plugged the DVI cable into the onboard graphics card and everything's working fine now.

For some background, in the last month or so I've added:

  • A Zotac Geforce 1050ti 4gb purchased second hand on eBay
  • A beQuiet 500w system power 8 power supply

Rest of specs are:

  • Ubuntu 16.10
  • AMD A6 APU
  • 8GB DDR3
  • MSI A55M P33 mobo

So do you think this is either a faulty graphics card, or a faulty power supply that isn't kicking up the correct amount of power when required?


  Ikram Khan 23:12 24 May 2017

sounds like a driver issue. Remove your previous drivers completely with DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and you have to login into safe mode for it work afterwards install your latest nvidia driver respectably

  aaron.boland 23:19 24 May 2017

Hi Ikram. Already tried that, I'm afraid, and the problem persists even on Linux. I don't see how it could be related to the drivers? Display crashed when installing drivers after I'd used DDU.

  Ikram Khan 23:40 24 May 2017

can you try the gpu on another pc? this could rule out if the psu is the culprit

  aaron.boland 23:42 24 May 2017

Yeah, I might see if my friend will let me install it on his machine. I'm back on the graphics card now. The issue is intermittent :-(

  Ikram Khan 00:01 25 May 2017

give it a try.

  Archonar 08:41 25 May 2017

My hunch is that it is the gpu from what you've told us, especially if bought second hand from ebay. It's not the power supply, those symptoms aren't consistent with a PSU issue.

Good advice from Ikram, that will hopefully answer it once and for all

  aaron.boland 11:11 25 May 2017

Thanks for the help. Very annoying if I can't return the GPU!

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