Display shows inverted colors/ very dim picture

  A Shakir Qassab 13:08 31 Aug 2018

Hello Guys , I have a problem with my laptop display (or may be in the built in video card ) , the colors seems inverted (blue to orange / Red to green / white to black etc) and the picture is very dim . Even in start up and dos screen, the monitor seems odd with different colors , I did everything possible to update the drivers though it was very difficult to do that with barely visible letters .

I opened the display and moved the cable see if this will alter the situation but was no difference , I can order a monitor same Model no and change but I am afraid this is not a display issue but rather something in the mother board like the video adapter or anything else!!!

Your kind advice would be highly appreciated .

best regards


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:12 31 Aug 2018

Have you tried plugging the laptop into an external monitor or TV to see if it is still the same?

  A Shakir Qassab 13:17 31 Aug 2018

Fruit Bat .... My laptop is Thinkpad T540p i7 has not HDMI port , i cant connect it to any other monitor. I thought to do that but as I said cant do it :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:54 31 Aug 2018

it has a mini display port and a VGA port you can use either to connect to an external display. VGA is common thee must be someone you know who has a monitor connected by VGA may be even a work colleague.

  A Shakir Qassab 16:24 31 Aug 2018

I will ask one of my friends who may have the proper cable and update you , thx bro

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