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  MERKY 21:38 03 Sep 2004

I want to build my first web site using dreamweaver4.I would like to no the best display settings & resolution to use.I am running xp pro.

  kev.Ifty 22:26 03 Sep 2004

800x600 is accepted as the most popular screen resolution these days, and would logically be the resolution of choice for your site. In fact 800x600 is the default screen resolution for Windows and is generally not altered by PC users. Studies have shown that approximately 50% of web users use 800x600 resolution, while 25% use the higher 1024x768 resolution.

Me i use 1024x768

  Taran 13:22 06 Sep 2004

I'd agree with fourm member that a fluid design is the best overall solution.

In the event that a fixed width is required, keep in mind that 800x600 and 1024x768 are the common screen resolutions, but that your page should be slightly smaller than those sizes to display properly without any unnecessary scrolling.
A page fixed for 800x600 should be set at no more than 780 pixels wide, to allow for the browser margins. Dropping that down even more to 740 will allow you to include a page border and is arguably even better. At 1024x768 resolution the page should be fixed at 980 pixels wide which will once again allow for the browser margins.

Note that this isn't set in stone and many designers have their own preferences.

Some general information on fluid designs can be read here: click here

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