Display problems!

  DJfree33 22:05 20 Jul 2007

Hi all,
I have a problem with the graphics display, when i am running in windows it is not to bad, i only get what looks like a bar code below the mouse cursor and some screen icons are distorted, i think there are slight bar code looking lines going horizontally across the screen every inch or so apart which only effect certain colours, but when i play a game the whole picture breaks up.
The only thing i think may of caused this is i noticed my fan inlet vent was cloged up with dust and also the heat sink, which i did not notice happen, also got a virus which i think now i have removed, any thoghts would be most helpfull.

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+,
MSI K8MM-ILSR motherboard,
1024mb DDR memory,
200gb serial ATA hard disk,
RADEON 9800 SERIES 256mb,
DVD x16.

  IntoPCs 22:09 20 Jul 2007

Could it be loose or damaged?

  woodchip 22:10 20 Jul 2007

looks like First you should take the Side of the Comp. give it a good clean out when it is switched off a very soft brush like a make up brush, and a can of compressed air. then check the Graphics card make sure fan turns with power on also while switched off that the card is full into the slot

  DJfree33 22:13 20 Jul 2007

Do not think so, graphics card seems secure and the screw holing it in place is there, only thing i did notice was the the white connector block on the graphics card had slight browning on one side, i think this is the power supply to card.

  woodchip 22:16 20 Jul 2007

Then if it's brown it's a bad connection and contacts will be burned. That's more than likely is the Problem

  DJfree33 22:19 20 Jul 2007

ok thanks, would this of damaged the graphics card or do i need just to replace connector, i guess this is hard to tell. i guess start with the cheap option first.

  woodchip 22:24 20 Jul 2007

You may be able to Clean and re-tension the connectors, but it would only be a temp solution

  woodchip 22:26 20 Jul 2007

The arcing could have damaged the card So it would be best to try the above before going any further

  DJfree33 22:27 20 Jul 2007

Ok, thank you very much for your help, i know what my job is first thing tomorrow.

  DJfree33 12:10 21 Jul 2007

I cleaned up the connector but it lokked ok anyway, i removed the graphics card to check it over and it seems to be fitted correctly, so i tried to load a game up of a demo of battlefeild 2, while it was loading some screen shots where fine then others made the whole screen turn red, once game loaded up the start screen was slightly distorted in places and the game it self unplayable. my computer says the graphics card is working fine! any tests i can do to check.

  DJfree33 12:46 21 Jul 2007

I also have noticed that when i first turn my computer on from cold the display looks fine but after around 10 Min's the screen starts to have the problems?

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