Display problem. Pixels everywhere!

  booster69 07:47 13 Aug 2006

I am having a display problem with my new PC.

I have just built it using the following hardware:-
Asus M2N-E, AMD X2 Dual core 4600 AM2, 2gig Corsair DDR2, BFG 7900 GTX graphics card, Samsung 400gig SATAII.

The problem I am getting is a pixel pattern all across my display. It’s a bit hard to describe, it’s almost like a matrix of very small multi-coloured blocks across everything. I can still see Windows XP in the background.
It began after I had finished installing XP. I had left Windows formatting a partition and when I got back to check how far it had got I had pixels everywhere!!
I thought I would have a look in the Bios setting screen to check things like CPU temp etc but when I rebooted it looked even worse. The pixels turned into coloured blocks/characters and it made reading the information in Bios almost impossible! I was able to just about see the CPU temp and that was OK.

I have checked to make sure all hardware is still seated/connected correctly and all is fine.

I have built a few PCs in the past and have never seen anything like this previously. Before I start trying anything I thought it best to ask you guys in case you have seen it before.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  octal 07:58 13 Aug 2006

Have you tried removing the graphics card and using the on-board graphics chip? The only other thing I can think of is to make sure you have the most up to date driver for the graphics card.

  booster69 08:09 13 Aug 2006

Hmm, it looks like the M2N-E doesn't have on-board graphics. There is no VGA adapter on the mobo panel. Damn you ASUS! :)
I have the latest nVIDIA drivers installed, freshly downloaded yesterday!

  octal 08:16 13 Aug 2006

Oh dear! Is that how they are supplying boards now, without on-board graphics. Do you have a another graphics card you can try? It definitely sounds like a graphics card problem.

  booster69 08:33 13 Aug 2006

I have 2 other AGP cards but this mobo is PCI-E. D'oh!!
Suppose I could buy a cheapo GFX card from eBBay to try.

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