Display Problem

  billy_s 20:00 28 Apr 2003

I have a Mitsubishi DiamondPro 750SB monitor and a 128MB GeForce4 Ti4200 video card set at 75Hz with a display of 1024 X 768. Up until yesterday everything worked perfectly (the machine is 7 months old). Now I have a problem in that the display intermittently flickers and a plain screen (such as a document in Word) turns pink. I have checked the cable connections and have 'rolled back' Windows XP) to a date before the problem started. This unfortunately hasn't cured the problem. I have also checked the drivers which according to the messages in Control Panel are working fine. I updated the drivers months ago.
Has anyone got any suggestions as to what the problem is? Is it more likely to be a hardware or a software problem?
Any help and sugestions appreciated.

  mrdsgs 20:19 28 Apr 2003

sounds like the graphics card to me.

try reloading the drivers for the graphics card, you may need to delete the existing ones first.

if that does not work, delete the existing drivers and then physically remove the graphics card, replace it and switch on. Windows should identify new hardware and either load or ask you for the drivers. this is as near a "add new hardware" situation as you can create. If that does not work it is either your graphics card is damaged, your monitor is faulty or possibly the motherboard agp slot.

the other possibility is your memory. have you added or changed it?, remove memory and reinsert. I would try this first if reloading graphics drivers does not work.

try the monitor on a different pc or a different monitor on the same pc.

good luck

  woodchip 20:27 28 Apr 2003

Have you a Degauss button on the monitor if so press it

  billy_s 20:55 28 Apr 2003

Just removed and reinstalled the drivers but that hasn't helped. Also pressed the degauss button but to no avail. The display will not stay stable for any lenght of time irrespective of whether I am using the keyboard or mouse or simply looking at the screen. The flicker is noticeable but not pronounced. I might take the card out and put it back in again as has been suggested. Will let you know if this works.

  hugh-265156 21:06 28 Apr 2003

75hz and you will see a slight filcker.anything at 85hz or over and will be steady as a rock.if you ticked the hide modes this monititor cant display box in display settings select the highest it gives you.you may need to come down to 800x600 to get 85hz option though.as for the pink screen dont know.but some monitors have a diagnostic screen this can be accessed by unplugging the monitor from the graphics card and turning on with the lead not connected.gives you a test card.if this is ok i would say graphics card.

  toxin 21:07 28 Apr 2003

Hi Billy_S!

Ihad the same problem a few years ago with a Taxan EV760 monitor, contacted Taxan and as it was still under guarantee was replaced within 24 hrs.

I suggest don't mess around with drivers etc. get in touch with Mitsubishi or your computer manufacturer, and as it's only 7 mnthsold it should be replaced without question.


  DieSse 21:13 28 Apr 2003

This sounds just like a monitor fault - I'm certain Mitsubishi would agree and replace it (assuming it's under warranty).

  billy_s 21:09 30 Apr 2003

Thanks all.
Problem seems to be solved. The manufacturer has responded promptly and provided a replacement monitor on loan pending a repair or replacement. The loan monitor is working perfectly with no display problems.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  lhrbromleyp2003 21:32 30 Apr 2003

Sounds like a monitor fault or cabling to me. Possible that one of the pins on the VGA cable/socket has a dry joint, causing a high resistance connection. Try moving the VGA cable about with the monitor on and see if the display retuns to normality, if it does then you have found the area in which the fault lies.

Also try the following:
1. reconnect the VGA cable to ensure good contact.
2. try the PC with another monitor and VGA cable to eliminate the video card and PC.

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