display problem

  spud10 22:14 27 Oct 2006

I am having an unusual problem with the graphics card in my Dell Dimension 8300 PC.
If I check the card in the device manger the error message says that there is a problem with the card (Error Code 10) and that there are no drivers installed even though all the drivers for the ATI card are installed.
I bought a new GeForce 6 graphics card and installed this card and everything seemed to be working fine but when I reboot the computer the error message is back and windows has loaded a generic driver instead. If I uninstall the card in the device manager and reinstall the driver the card works properly.
The problem occurred last week when I heard a popping noise from the PC case.
I know now that the problem is not the graphics card as I have replaced it.
Have I blown a chip on the motherboard and can it be repaired or do I have to replace the motherboard.

  woodchip 22:23 27 Oct 2006

Just for fun, Have a look in the BIOS for display. See if says anything

  spud10 22:47 27 Oct 2006

Thanks for the reply.
I have checked the bios and the primary video controller is set for AGP which is correct as the graphics card is an AGP type.

  woodchip 22:50 27 Oct 2006

Have you tried Uninstalling Graphics Adapter in Device Manager then restart Comp, Or try it in Safe Mode

  woodchip 22:52 27 Oct 2006

Does the Motherboard Have onboard Graphics? other than you AGP card. If it has what does it show In Device Manager

  spud10 23:07 27 Oct 2006

I have uninstalled the Graphics Adapter in device manager and safe mode.
The Graphics Adapter uninstalls and when I reboot the computer windows detects the Graphics Adapter and will try to install it. If I have the driver cd in the cd drive the drivers will install if I do not install the drivers the computer will start up using a generic windows display driver. When I shutdown the computer and restart I have the same problem and there is a problem with the Graphics Adapter in the device manager.
The motherboard does not have onboard graphics.

  kimjhon 00:39 28 Oct 2006

You have plugged the monitor into the socket provided by the card ?

  spud10 14:30 28 Oct 2006

Thanks for the reply, dcdc
I have the monitor plugged into the socket provided by the card. I still have the problem even with the card which was supplied with the pc.

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