Display problem?

  Mr A! 18:48 29 Jan 2006

Yesterday, I turned on my computer and for some reason the display is 24 colours and set at 800x600 resolution.

I have changed the settings but it just resets itself on restart. Is there something wrong with my monitor or montherboard? My graphics card is built into the motherboard.

Please help as i don't know what causing the problem.


  howard63 19:16 29 Jan 2006

if it is an old pc it could be the cmos battery dying. These are normally easy to replace.

  Mr A! 19:20 29 Jan 2006

i bought it around 2000-2001

  howard63 07:35 30 Jan 2006

you have to open the case and the battery is normally a cr about the size of a 2 pence piece. With everything switched off remove the battery and replace with a new one of the same type. Another symptom of the cmos battery dying is that the time and date have gone back to the date of manufacture - in your case around the 1999/2000.

  Mr A! 17:09 03 Feb 2006

i have replaced the cmos battery but has not solved the problem. what else could it be?

  curlylad 18:00 03 Feb 2006

I think you need to update your video driver for a kick off !

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