Display Problem

  HUFFYGV 22:12 28 Mar 2004

I have a Viglen Envy.17ES (CRT) monitor that I bought second-hand as part of computer system, but with no manuals etc.. Problem is that the display (or picture) wanders, changes size etc. I have been able to correct it using the OSD but it doesn't seem to save the settings, so every now & then it keeps happening. The Viglen website doesn't show any info, cos' the monitor is now about 9 years old! Can anyone help?

  Diodorus Siculus 23:12 28 Mar 2004

Can't be sure, but I would have thought that this is the sign that monitor wishes to be put out to pasture while awaing the big recycler in the sky. :=}

  HUFFYGV 09:04 29 Mar 2004

Diodorus Siculus - Thanks for reply. I thought as much myself, but one can hope! Anyway, 9 years is a good life eh! Now looking at TFT LCD monitors, at least 17" - anyone got any recommendations for relatively cheap one? Should I look for one with DIV to ensure future compatability?

  Djohn 09:25 29 Mar 2004

I have an AOC 17" TFT excellent quality and value for money. If you do a search (Try PC Direct)should be able to pick one up for around £240.00.

FE bought the 19" version last week and is very pleased with it. j.

  HUFFYGV 10:34 29 Mar 2004

Thanks for info - will follow that up. It's good to follow a personal recommendation. Thanks again.
What a great site!

  Djohn 11:01 29 Mar 2004

click here and scroll down to the post from FE on Sat. 6th. timed 17:47 for his opinion on the AOC. J.

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