display problem

  [DELETED] 19:27 28 Oct 2003

I cannot display my control panel icons although it says there are 34 items to view. Also when I click on my help system there is nothing displaying on the page. When I started in safe mode the icons did appear although the help system was still missing. I have windows ME.
does anyone have any ideas?

  [DELETED] 19:35 28 Oct 2003

Hi golpher, try this Microsoft article (I have added a space after both instances of // to try to avoid the link being corrupted) http:// support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=http:// support.microsoft.com:80/support/kb/articles/Q133/7/33.ASP&NoWebContent=1. If this does get corrupted, the knowledgebase article is 133733

  [DELETED] 20:25 28 Oct 2003

found the article followed the instructions but I still have the problem. Thanks anyway Gongoozler.I may have to re-install windows.

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