Display pictures from PC on TV

  mnopq 11:47 05 Jan 2010

I have found that I can connect my Canon Powershot camera to my TV via the supplied lead and display the captured images. I removed the memory card and copied pictures stored on my PC but found that they would not display on the camera (or TV). Presumably essential picture information is lost when transferred to PC - is there a cheap, practical way to display pictures on a TV. My TV will not accept a flash drive and I do not want to burn images to a CD and display via a DVD player each time I want to show a few pictures. I understand that Sandisk marketed a cheap device but it seems to be no longer available.

  Technotiger 11:55 05 Jan 2010

How did you copy the pics from PC to the Card? You might have only copied the Thumbnails!

  mnopq 12:08 05 Jan 2010

I used drag and drop - they displayed the full file size

  Technotiger 12:13 05 Jan 2010

They displayed full size - I assume you mean they displayed from the Card, onto the PC, as of course they would. Drag and drop only takes the Thumbnail/shortcut to the pics!

To copy the pics to the card you should right-click on pic then choose Copy to... the Card!

  mnopq 10:13 06 Jan 2010

Have copy/pasted onto the card and put the card into a reader, from where I was able to display the pictures on the computer, so they are there OK. I have been told that pictures taken on a camera are held in an index within the camera until deleted, and that pictures added from "outside" are not within that index, so cannot be displayed. It seems that the options are either using a dvd player or a digital photo viewer, which has a remote control and takes a variety of cards, such as the Panasonic, which is too expensive at over £100.

  muddypaws 11:24 06 Jan 2010

I use one of these. click here
Probably available cheaper elsewhere.
I have a whole load of photos and holiday slideshows copied and pasted from PC to an 8gig usb stick. Also a large part of my music onto another. my WD is version 1. The new version is WDTVLive which can connect to the internet.
Connects to TV via HDMI cable.

  jack 11:41 06 Jan 2010

Are Jpeg with added info which makes them into EXIF files.
When downloaded into a PC directly Windows will 'strip off' this extra.
The camaras cannot then read the 'plain' jpeg files.
There are ways around this - some Image editors will add a 'dummy' to the file to fool the camara card,
A bit of Googling will turn up EXIF data and some free downloads try


  jack 11:42 06 Jan 2010

type EXIF iunto Google - all will be found

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