Display messed up after changing BIOS settings, need help

  DHAxel 20:58 07 Jan 2015

I went into my computer's BIOS settings to check a few things. The only thing I changed was the performance settings. There were 3 options- power saving, normal, optimal...something like that. The default was power saving. I changed it to optimal to see what changes it would make. After I saved the changes and restarted the computer, the display messed up. The screen now displays too big and not all of it fits on my screen at my default resolution of 1920x1080, and switching to other resolutions via the display options in control panel does not help much and is not a solution.

Call me computer illiterate, but I do not understand how changing that setting in BIOS messes up my resolution, AND WON'T FIX even after I changed the performance settings back to 'power save' and restarted. Google has not been helpful either; when I try looking it up I cannot find anyone else having the same particular problem I am having. (display problems maybe, but not the same case I have)

I've also tried reinstalling my graphics drivers since I heard that can fix some display problems, but that did nothing, and fiddling with the display options within the GPU interface menu didn't yield anything either.

Can anyone tell me where the problem lies, and what needs to be done to resolve this? I did notice that windows was installing drivers after the display messed up and I logged in, but I'm not sure what those drivers were, and, other than that, I've no idea as to what's caused this...

Help ASAP would be appreciated, but I'm about to sleep so if I get a quick response I won't reply until about 12 hours from now. If needed, here are my computer specs:


Model: ASUS dESKOP PC CM1740 Series

Processor: AMD A6-3620 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 2.50Ghz

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6530 D

Ram: 8GB

System type: 64-bit OS (Windows 7).

  iscanut 21:06 07 Jan 2015

Have you tried a system restore from a point well prior to your BIOS episode ?

  DHAxel 09:21 08 Jan 2015

The earliest restore point I have is a few hours before the BIOS episode. Tried that, didn't work.

Pressing F11 a few times didn't fix it either.

  rdave13 17:09 09 Jan 2015

Do you have the AMD Catalyst Control Center installed? If so expand 'My Digital Flat Panels', under properties my selection there is 'Scale image to full panel size'. Check also the 'Scaling Options' and try the scaling slider bar. The box for 'Using the scaling values instead of.......' is unticked. Remember original settings if you are going to try different settings.

I've no idea why changing the BIOS' performance settings had this effect.

  bremner 17:15 09 Jan 2015

If the kmbo has built in graphics has your Bios adventure changed the graphics from your card to the onboard?

  rdave13 17:45 09 Jan 2015

Don't think that's it as you'd have to change the video cable to the onboard connector.

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