Display keeps dying on me every 10 minutes

  splinternet 21:55 01 Jan 2010

Last week, my laptop was working fine with no problems. A few days ago, when I booted up, I got a pop-up saying the Windows Defender UI had a problem. This seemed to be a symptom of a deeper problem I suspect, because I was unable to access the internet, and my Norton Antivirus would not start. Also, in Control Panel, I could not start System Security, and if I tried selecting Windows Defender, the PC instantly died.

I have now restored the pc to as-bought condition with the original recovery dvd, and I'm pleased to say that the problems described above have all disappeared. However, I now have a problem whereby every 10 minutes or so, the display dies on me. The first time this happened was in the middle of a (long) Windows update, so I assumed it had gone into sleep mode. (But it wouldn't have gone to sleep in the middle of downloading the updates, would it?) All I can do is force a power-down with the on-off button, then reboot. The pc then comes up ok with the display functioning as normal, but even if I'm in the middle of doing something, the display will die again after 10 minutes. The processor and disk seem to continue, oblivious to the loss of the screen display.

As the display comes up ok when I reboot, does this suggest it's not a h/w problem? In which case, which s/w component is causing this? I have set the power management settings to Vista default. Is it perhaps a driver problem? The machine is not yet 2 years old (an Advent 9515 from PC World) and previous to these problems I had never updated any driver software so I assume it's running the same drivers as when the display was functioning correctly a week ago.

  Devil Fish 22:08 01 Jan 2010

you have just recovered windows your power settings may have gone to default settings which is to turn off display every 10 min when inactive ie when not using input device

try changing the display power down time in your power options and see what you get

  jamesd1981 22:08 01 Jan 2010

go into your power options section and check that your settings i always set mine to never shut down or sleep and only dim the display after a long period.

  splinternet 23:14 01 Jan 2010

I altered the power setting so that the monitor never sleeps. Besides which, when it dies, I've been mouse clicking or using the keyboard, so the pc is not idle. Even if it goes into sleep mode, shouldn't a tweak of the mouse bring it back to life, like it used to?

  jamesd1981 23:20 01 Jan 2010

it should do yeah have you ran any diagnostic software to test your components.

  splinternet 23:23 01 Jan 2010

Do you have an example of such diagnostic s/w?

  jamesd1981 10:53 02 Jan 2010

you can download a boot cd called hirens boot cd 10.1 just put it into your search engine on this you will find loads of software but there are two apps you use as boot from cd a mini windows xp that runs off disc and the one you want is called pc check it will test every component and piece of hardware connected and give you pass or fail just be careful dont run any of the destructive hard disk tests as this will wipe your hard drive.

  splinternet 12:55 02 Jan 2010

I downloaded the file but what do I have to do now to make it a bootable CD? I can't seem to find any instructions on either the download site nor on Hiren's

  Paperplane 18:17 02 Jan 2010

You need to burn the image file (.iso) to a blank cd.

  jamesd1981 18:24 02 Jan 2010

yes you need to burn the iso to disc but not the actual iso you need to use a program like iso-burner 2.0 or even nero or cdburnerxp or ashampoo and select burn iso to disc that will burn the iso to a blank disc and make it bootable.

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