Display of hyperlinks in Word has changed

  User-87348949-8D17-47EF-BF40EE49948F5B71 12:35 17 Mar 2006

All of my hyperlinks in Word appear to have reverted to original coding, for instance the following dummy link would be shown underlined and selectable

http: //click here

the display is now as follows (not too sure about the curly brackets) and is not selectable as a hyperlink

{ HYPERLINK "click here" \t "_blank" }

As it is not excel I would appreciate guidance to return the hyperlink to a normal state.


  VoG II 12:53 17 Mar 2006

Tools > Options, View tab. Untick Field codes.

Thanks VoG™,

I had nor changed that option, must be one of those auto updates lol (more likely old age playing tricks with my memory)

Best wishes

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