Display flickering - Help??

  Rhiannon 23:12 04 Jul 2003

My computer display keeps flickering, I think it's a problem with Windows XP rather than my monitor but I'm not sure. It's irregular and doesn't seem to change with the amount of programmes I'm using or anything. I've tried all the troubleshooting options but all to no avail. I'm pretty useless with computers so please be basic. Thanks.

  DieSse 23:29 04 Jul 2003

The first thing to do is find out whether it's your monitor (probably) or the rest of the system (probably not) - and the only way to do this is to swap monitors with a friend and see what happens. Then at least we'll know where to try and fix.

  Steven135 23:30 04 Jul 2003

Have you degaussed (if its a CRT screen) and made sure that you have nothing close to the screen that can interfere with it.

  powerless 23:33 04 Jul 2003

Right Click Desktop > Properties > Settings > Advanced > Monitor > play about with you refresh rate.

Above maybe slightly different if your using a card opther than a Nvidia one.

  VoG II 23:37 04 Jul 2003

If your 'puter is against a wall to an adjoining property, check if they have just installed a microwave oven etc.

  Rhiannon 23:38 04 Jul 2003

My brother has a monitor that he's bringing over in the morning for me to see if that's the problem. I've played about with my refresh rate and it makes no difference at all, and there's nothing that could be interfering with my PC I don't think, it's the only electrical thing in my bedroom that's on.

  Rhiannon 23:41 04 Jul 2003

Hmm, that's a possibility VoG I think, it's against next-doors bedroom wall. I'd better change the monitor first and then take it from there, yes?

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