display driver problem - now no signal

  notlaughingnow 10:21 23 Jul 2008

When I started my desktop machine yesterday an error message saying there was a problem with the display driver. The screen showed a ‘safe mode’ type of display and suggested that I restart.

Having done so there was no signal to the monitor. But I’m confident Windows did start because I got the shutting down jingle when I closed with Windows key/U/U.

The message saying there was a problem with the display driver makes me think it is a software problem.

The only recent change to software on this computer was the loading of a driver for TP-Link 108M Wireless USB adaptor, in order to set up the wireless facility on my router. The computer has been started successfully three or four times since then.

With the monitor showing ‘no signal’ (I have checked the connections) what do I do?

  Eric10 10:43 23 Jul 2008

This sounds like a hardware problem because even with a faulty (or even non-existent) driver you would still get a display during POST. The display would only fail when Windows starts to load.
If you have a discrete Graphics card then try removing and refitting it. If your motherboard has on-board graphics then it is more difficult unless it can take a discrete card and you have access to one.

  MAT ALAN 10:49 23 Jul 2008

Update VGA card drivers from manufacturers website and check that the screen resolution has not been set outside the parameters that your Monitor can handle...

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