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Display Driver nvlddmkm Stopped Responding and Has

  ZootHornRollo 20:57 04 Aug 2009

I was happily playing Lord of the Rings online last night when it froze completely. I tried relaunching the game but only get so far through the launch process when a message says the game client has stopped working and I get another message saying "Display Driver nvlddmkm Stopped Responding and Has Successfully Recovered."

Any ideas on how to solve this problem and get the game going again.

I am running Vista SP2 and nvidia 8800 GTX card

  GaT7 00:35 05 Aug 2009

57K hits in Google click here, & someone has even created a website by that name click here!

There are several possible fixes it would appear click here. Someone changed his RAM voltage & that seemed to do the trick click here!

Anyway, I hope one of the fixes helps you solve your issue. All the best, G

  ZootHornRollo 22:49 05 Aug 2009

Thanks for the tips - sadly the postion has worsened now. my PC will not boot up properly so i haven't had a chance to try out the tips. i get as far as logging on to my account - odd colours appear and flash off and on and sometimes the blue screen of death appears but not for long enough for me to read the text.
am using an old laptop so can still pick up replies if anyone can help me out of this particular jam before a take a sledge hammer to the darned thing

  woodchip 22:54 05 Aug 2009

Start in Safe Mode by tapping F5 as computer is starting. If that does not get you in Tap F8 and choose from List

After that do a System Restore to a old bold date, as your Video Settings have been changed by the Game

  ZootHornRollo 23:17 05 Aug 2009

Good idea - but all my system restore dates have conveniently disappeared!!!!
is there no end to this ?

  woodchip 23:24 05 Aug 2009

Does it work Okay in Safe Mode? If it does check the Display settings in Control Panel. refresh rate is okay set to 60hz if its a lcd monitor you will need to change resolution maybe

  ZootHornRollo 23:47 05 Aug 2009

thanks Woodchip - tried that but made no difference. I will switch it off and go to bed in the vain hope that it will miraculously heal itself overnight.
thanks for the tips though - appreciated

  woodchip 11:09 06 Aug 2009

Why not go to Device manager in Safe Mode they have a look to see if you can revert back Driver for Display Adapter

  ZootHornRollo 21:09 06 Aug 2009

tried that but it won't allow that in Safe mode

  ZootHornRollo 22:33 12 Aug 2009

And now it has got even worse. The graphics appear to have packed up altogether. Even at the loading screens I get wavy lines - horizontal and vertical and the only way I can get the PC to work is by operating in 'Safe' mode. Can't seem to find anyway to get the damn thing to function

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