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Display driver has stopped responding and has reco

  Roadgiant 12:27 21 Jun 2015

I am currently experiencing this issue on a regular basis with the message:-

"Display Driver stop responding and has recovered Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel mode driver version 353.06 stopped responding and has successfully recovered"

First off all I uninstalled the driver and then restarted the PC and reinstalled, same problem was still occurring

Next step was after Googling the problem was to apply Microsoft Fix 50848 Same problem still occurring

This problem is happening even on light usage ie surfing,thanks in advance for any assistance RG

  northumbria61 13:22 21 Jun 2015

You may find a solution HERE

  Roadgiant 13:29 21 Jun 2015

Thanks for the quick reply, the Microsoft link is the one I have already tried, the graphic card is a Nvidia GT620 and as mentioned, it's not even on particularly heavy loading, just basic surfing and after it recovers it can go for hours without happening.

  northumbria61 13:52 21 Jun 2015

Check the card is free of dust and fan is working or even removing/re-seating it. You should be able to view and check the temperature from within your Nvidia Control Panel

  northumbria61 13:55 21 Jun 2015

CPUID HW Monitor is also a useful third party tool

  Roadgiant 09:24 28 Jun 2015

Just a quick follow up for the benefit of anyone else who has a similar problem, I finally resolved it by going back to an older driver, 347.88 works fine with no problems after 3 days,looks like there is a problem with some of the NVIDIA drivers and certain cards/systems

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