Display doesnt got signal.. one weird msg also

  ChrisJHD 11:22 24 Oct 2014


Im trying to build a pc from old already used parts..


Cpu: Intel Pentium D

Gpu: Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS

Ram: Kingston ddr2 2gb

HDD: WD 250gb Sata

MB: Gigabyte GA 8I945PL-G

PSU: 400W

So whats my problem.. i succeed booting it.. and installing w7

and my pc was working properly for more than 10hours..

i didnt installed anything (except windows updates).. or did anything these hours..

i just perform some Memory Tests and HDD Defragments and repairs/tests

all from windows tools..

also i have installed speedfan and the cooling is wonderful in my case..

40c gpu

33c cpu

rly good temperatures..

The problem is that when i shutdown the computer.. it didnt went to work again :/

it starts normally (fans/hdd) everything seems to work properly but the display doesnt got signal :S... the mice and keyboard doesnt get lights.. so isnt the display..

what i guess ..

hdd cant be a problem.. all tests passed..

memory cant be a problem.. all tests passed..

and even if it was a problem of these.. there should be a mb error sound..

What i tried..

i changed the psu with other 400w psu.. both had the same reactions.. so it cant be psu either...

i changed the ram with other 2gb ram ddr2.. same reactions again...

i changed the gpu with 2 other gpus.. same reactions again..

So my conclusion is.. that maybe got to do something with the mobo.. :/

and suddenly my pc went on again.. and it displayed something like

bios from the hdd..

auto set bios.....

something like this.. i cant rly remember was rly fast.. and then restarted..

and again no signal on display.. and same symptoms :/

Im rly rdy to give up.. i cant understand ...

maybe i need to replace the cmos battery?

maybe i need to flash the bios? but how i ll do that when my pc isnt even starting :/

maybe i need to replace the mobo? but i dont have currently one.. and i want to be sure that this is the reason before spending money..

plz i ask for your help.. i need a tech.. to bring light to my computer's darkness .

thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:58 24 Oct 2014

Check monitor cable

  bumpkin 15:14 24 Oct 2014

Also check the monitor itself on another pc if you can.

  ChrisJHD 15:56 24 Oct 2014

isnt the monitor for sure.. i have checked it on other pc and it works fine... double checked the cable isnt it either...

Also it just opened.. and worked fine.. then i shutdown.. and again it doesn't open :/ cant understand what it is..

i changed the psu and it openned.. but again it doesnt.. maybe both psu's are dead? and they work only for a boot or something isnt it weird? the v and w is okay tho :SSSSS

  bumpkin 16:59 24 Oct 2014

You say you are using old parts, PSU sounds the most likely from all the info given so far. Do you have any means of testing it/them.

  ChrisJHD 17:15 24 Oct 2014

both psu are old..

the best of them and the one im using right now is FSB Group INC 400ATX


but if it was the psu.. why everything seems to working? and why sometimes it starts and everything runs normal until shutdown.. bad psu can act like this?

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