Display Detection

  PA28 14:02 16 Sep 2005

System: AMD3200XP, 1Gb DDR400, Nvidia6600GT graphics, Windows XP SP2 fully updated.

Problem: on boot up TFT display is auto detected (Acer 1914) but detection timing is often incorrect resulting a fuzzy image. Graphics feed is analogue - no digital input on this monitor. Manually pressing the Auto button on the front of the monitor after boot-up will force a further autodetection which is always spot on. Similarly, changing resolutions when the system is up and running will also always result in a correct autodetection.

Monitor will not save any manual settings and insists that I go through this routine each time. Anyone any idea how I can avoid this through one of the config or ini files in Windows, or other suggestions? Thanks

  pip22 15:02 16 Sep 2005

A monitor driver from the manufacturer's website, perhaps?

  DieSse 15:34 16 Sep 2005

Are you trying to run it at too high a refresh rate? TFT monitors should be set at 60Hz.

  PA28 17:28 16 Sep 2005

pip22 - running on latest Acer driver (mind you it's version 1.00!!). Acer do not list this monitor on their website even though it is only 9 months old - driver was found through a Google search. If ayone knows which other Acer driver might be compatible this would be handy - Acer have advised me that no driver is required (presumably meaning that the default Windows P&P monitor is sufficient) - same problem with the Windows driver.

DieSse - set at 60hz. 1280x1024 32million colours.

Oh, and I've changed the video cable too.
Any further ideas gratefully accepted.

  Pidder 18:53 16 Sep 2005

My 17 inch TFT sets itself at 1024 x 768. Are your settings too high?

  Pidder 18:54 16 Sep 2005

Also would have thought it would be Plug and Play...

  PA28 21:06 16 Sep 2005

Pidder - sorry, should have mentioned that the Acer 1914 is a 19" TFT. 1280x1024 is native resolution. I'm surprised that your 17" is only 1024x768; is that your native resolution as I would have thought it would be higher.

  DieSse 22:52 16 Sep 2005

"My 17 inch TFT sets itself at 1024 x 768. Are your settings too high?"

Monitors don't "set themself" to a resolution normally.

I'd look in your manual if I were you - all the 17" monitors I've seen have a native resolution of 1280x1024.

  PA28 12:44 17 Sep 2005

Anyone any further ideas please, or I do I put this down to a developing hardware fault and return the unit to Acer?

  DieSse 14:36 17 Sep 2005

My best guess from what you have tried, is a monitor problem. No better ideas, I'm afraid.

  PA28 19:02 17 Sep 2005

DieSse - yes, guess you're right. Thanks. Will mark this as resolved and get onto Acer.

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