display on dell inspiron 1520 is beyond the screen

  Guest 1234512457 11:59 02 Apr 2017

I have a dell Inspiron 1520, which came pre-installed with Windows vista. The display is beyond the scree size and am unable to correct the same by changing the screen resolution to maximum. The settings doesn't save itself. Now, I am trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 on the PC, but due to my display problem, the user icons are beyond the screen limits and hence am unable to proceed with the installation.

I would be glad if some one could offer help. Rajesh

  putorjuy 04:39 10 Apr 2017

You can enter the safe mode to install the Ubuntu. In safe mode, you can see the icon and install the new system, right?

  Archonar 09:11 10 Apr 2017

Have you tried plugging it into a tv / monitor? Using a different screen may allow you to see everything and then solve the issue

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