Display blanks out.

  chub_tor 10:15 30 Jul 2009

I have a 17"AOC LCD monitor (LM720A), several years old now that occasionally blanks out, i.e. just goes black. The light on the front stays green to show that signals are getting through and if I switch the monitor on and off with the monitor front panel switch the display always comes back, albeit sometimes only for a few seconds but if I switch it on and off enough times I can usually get it to stay on.

I would be interested in what forum members think could be the problem. It doesn't seem to be the power supply as the light is on all the time, just changing from amber to green when the signals come through. It doesn't seem to be temperature related either, the power brick is always on and the display either on standby or showing a picture; the monitor is rarely switched off at the mains or from its front panel. Blacking out can occur at any time from boot up to running for 5 minutes or 5 hours. I have checked the cable connections at both ends for tightness and I have re-seated the graphics card (Radeon 2400).

I presume these displays have back lights and my guess is that is what is going, but any suggestions welcomed. Graphics card or monitor?

  mooly 11:55 30 Jul 2009

When it blacks out have a torch ready and see if you can see faint image still on the screen.
As you say,on LCD displays "backlight" problems are a common fault, usually caused by the high voltage inverter playing up.

  chub_tor 13:16 30 Jul 2009

Thanks mooly I will do that, unfortunately I can't force it to black out so I'm not sure when I can confirm our suspicions.

  T0SH 13:34 30 Jul 2009

Most of the larger sized lcd flat panels have at least two backlight tubes unually each with their own inverter, the single item that can effect both is the power supply,the cost of diagnostics repair with replacement parts, (if indeed they are still available) may well exceed the replacement cost of the whole screen

cheers HC

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