Display After Image Lag Problem

  Pixeled 17:44 28 May 2017

Ok so I have some knowledge about computers but this is something I don't know how to handle. My Acer Aspire V Nitro has been having some trouble running games lately, like I cant run games like I used to, And a new problem is that time to time my display would lag kinda its would leave a after image that dragged as I looked some where else in the game. I hope this was clear enough and that anyone could help me with this. Thanks

  rdave13 20:33 28 May 2017

What does task manager show when this happens? Also open control panel - security and maintenance - and under the maintenance heading click on 'View reliability history'. Just might give a clue as to what's going on.

  Pixeled 04:07 29 May 2017

Trying to find anything in task manager I would think to be impossible since it only last a few seconds and there is no hint to any problems that would cause this in the control panel.

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