Display adapter problem (for a start)

  Never again 07:51 06 Sep 2003


My friend was given a cyrix 233, 96mb ram pcwhich was running windows xp pro, ms office, pspro, etc on a 2gb hdd. He complained that it was runing slow, even after cleanup and defrag.

I suggested that this was too much for this machine and it was probably best to format and reinstall win 98 or me, which we did.

However, I am now getting the message that the display adapter is not working properley, despite installing all the different vga and svga generic ones with windows me.

I've deleted it and run the add hardware wizard, but I still can't find or install the right driver and only have 16 colours at the moment.

Any ideas please?

  krypt1c 08:25 06 Sep 2003

You've answered your own question. If you've only got the Windows generic drivers installed they probably don't support the graphics card. What graphics card have you got ? If you can't tell try downloading a copy of aida32 from click here This is a system analysing tool and should identify your card, and may also give a link to the makers site, where you may be able to get hold of the driver.

  Never again 08:31 06 Sep 2003

Sorry - the graphics are on board. I have just downloaded belark advisor, but have to go out now.

Ill be back later and post some more info if I can find it. I'll also download aida32 as you suggest and run that.

The pc is not badged and I have been given no disks with it, so any suggestions will be welcome

  krypt1c 09:09 06 Sep 2003

Something to consider. If you can't get hold of the drivers you could add a pci graphics card. You can see some of what's available click here although I've no idea what might be suitable.

  krypt1c 09:15 06 Sep 2003

Here's the minimum spec for 98, me & W2K
click here
click here
click here

  Never again 09:37 06 Sep 2003

Thanks for the postings.

There are only 2 expansion slots (which may be the subject of a later post!!), and these are taken up by a modem and a usb hub.

This pc should be able to run win me ok, but if I need to install 98 then I will format again, although I dont want to waste the hours if I can help it.

Anyway, the motherboard is an GXm-Cx5520, running an award bios and on a 64 mhz bus - so do I just have to find the drivers for the on board video?

Any suggestions [email protected]

  krypt1c 10:10 06 Sep 2003

You're probaly right about the os, provided it doesn't have to work too hard. Got it in one about the drivers, although where you might find them is another question. It might be worth starting another thread asking if anyone has the drivers. You could free up a slot by using an external modem.

  Never again 10:34 06 Sep 2003

The thing is - when it was struggling with win xp there seemed to be no problem with the display, and I thought that it was supposed to be xp which has problems with older hardware?

I would have thought that win me would have drivers to deal with old machines?

  krypt1c 11:14 06 Sep 2003

I suppose it depends on how XP was installed. If it was an upgrade over the top of the existing os the drivers would still have been there.

  Never again 11:48 06 Sep 2003

Thanks for your advice Kryptic

I have to log off now, but I'll be back on Tuesday (hopefully).

perhaps I should have looked at the drivers before I formatted Win xp??

  Never again 22:41 06 Sep 2003


i'm back earlier than expected.

Has anyone got any ideas?

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