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  Toon_Army 14:46 04 Jul 2004

I never play 3D games but yesterday i downloaded this 3D Snooker game, which does not run, it actually crashes my PC. I went to DirextX Analysis thing and my Driver files dont support DirectX9 or something, the message actually is:

"Hardware accelerated Direct3D 9+ is not available because the display driver does not support it. You may be able to get a newer driver from the hardware manufacturer."

So i thought it would be a simple matter of going to my S3 Manafacturer and install the newest Driver files. Turns out S3 have stopped making/supporing Trio 3D (im using S3 Trio3D 356/366).

I searched google and downloaded many drivers, sites like driverfiles.net driverguide.com and more. The latest drivers i could find were for 2003 (im currently using drivers installed from 98).

So i downloaded them, installed, restarted my PC to be reported the same problem. I then throught right, maybe its the game. So i ran dxDiag again and tested Direct3D only for the same to happen, my PC crash.

It seems that my driver files are too outdated for DirectX9.0b

So now i ask, what do i do now, where do i go from here? Can anybody suggest links to new driver files for me, can i use another Manafacturer as opposed to S3, or does this depend on my hardware?

Appreciate your help cheers

  Totally-braindead 14:56 04 Jul 2004

I don't think you will be able to get a driver for this card thats DirectX 9 compatible its just too old, if the rest of your computer is not too bad, processor speed etc then the best thing is to get a newer card, depending on what you want you can get something pretty decent for about £40.

  Toon_Army 15:01 04 Jul 2004

So basically im probably nackered, my PC is 4 year old am not bothered about spending money is i rarely play games, my spec is:

Win98 SE
12Gb HDD
512Mhz Intel Celeron
128.0Mb Ram
4Mb Onbaord graphics
DirectX 9.0b
S3 Trio 3D 356/366

Thanks anyway, more info appreciated

  Toon_Army 19:04 04 Jul 2004


  PSF 19:18 04 Jul 2004

I think you need to allocate more memory to your graphics. 3d graphics do require more memory.

You should be able to increase the memory allocation in the BIOS, re-boot and press DEL on the first screen.

It would be better to add a graphics card, you can get one from £30+ click here

  carver 19:39 04 Jul 2004

I shouldn't bother about a new card as it will be money wasted, If you check your P/C you might have a 2x graphic slot, but this might be the old voltage at 3.3volts in which case non of the newer cards are any good as they run at 1.5 volts.

  Toon_Army 10:36 06 Jul 2004

I cant even run a 9Mb Dos game of Grand Theft Auto 2 without it crashing, would using DirectX8 or lower work, if so where can i downgrade?

Ill try that PSF thanks...

  Totally-braindead 12:45 06 Jul 2004

This is a different thing you seem to be mentioning now. You said there was one game you couldn't run now theres two? Did GTA2 play ok before, if so then it sounds like you have a software problem, perhaps DirectX perhaps a corrupt driver. Do the other games you have which you used to play run ok or is it all of them? About DirectX I'm not 100% certain someone else may know the answer to this but I was under the impression that you can't go back once you've installed a newer version but I'm sure someone else can clarify this. If you get totally stuck and you have all the relevant disks then you can always format and do a clean reinstall but thats a last resort especially if you've never done it before, its always better to find out whats wrong and what caused the problem to it doesn't happen again.

  Toon_Army 22:08 07 Jul 2004

I formatted before, not a pretty thing to do thanks. I could run my Red Alert and everything before, but not now. I went on Microsoft and downloaded DirectX 8 hoping to install it and forget everything. I installed fine with no warnings or messages, but it just shows that im using DirectX 9

Im peed off with this, there should of been a easy to view WARNING of support problems etc before i upgraded to DirectX 9

Thanks anyway guys

  citadel 22:22 07 Jul 2004

direct x is backwards compatable, I have dx9b and can play dx8, dx7 based games.

  Totally-braindead 22:35 07 Jul 2004

Lets see if we can work out whats wrong, firstly as citadel has pointed out DirectX is backwards compatible so its unlikely to be that. My first thought is either the graphics drivers are not installed, not installed properly or have become corrupted. Firstly lets check what was done. You formatted the hard drive, reinstalled windows, then put on the motherboard drivers then the graphics card and sound and modem. Is that the order you did it in?

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