diskless recovery

  [DELETED] 19:00 18 Jun 2008

hey there. i have just purchased a new laptop, hp g6062ea. it does not come with a recovery cd, but has its own partition on the hard drive with the recovery files. it recommends i make my own disk as soon as, but if i do that, can i erase the files from the partition on my hd? my gripe is that it was advertised as 120gb hd, when 11.05gb is taken up with these files!!!! thats a fair amount of space! what is the best thing i can do? im running vista. i only set it up today, so im new to this OS. also, can i delete all the hp rubbish off it? im sure it slows my start up down. thanks guys.

  [DELETED] 20:18 18 Jun 2008

That is make a disk or set of disks[ or install a DVD burner to reduce the number of disks]
But wait a while until you get more opinions on this subject.

  johndrew 20:24 18 Jun 2008

You should be able to make a recovery CD/DVD using the creation tool provided. This should allow you to take the laptop back to the condition it was delivered by HP. However, you would lose all other data you had put onto the laptop yourself and all updates.

Having done this there should be instructions in the manual (installed on the HDD) to recover the partition space. But you would no longer have the ability to create a new backup CD/DVD should you lose or damage that made.

I would suggest you create the CD/DVD, and invest in an external drive and a copy of Acronis True Image or similar. With these you could ensure all your data and the OS were safely backed up. In the event of a drive failure or corruption, you would then have the ability to recover everything on the laptop very quickly.

  [DELETED] 22:29 18 Jun 2008

pfoster23681, I would make the disk as instructed, and leave well alone with the partition for now. As for the HP rubbish, it depends just what it is.

  [DELETED] 22:50 18 Jun 2008

I would wait until I need the space before I deleted that information. Unless you intented to store masses of downloaded movies 100gb is plenty and you can always add a large external drive. If you had a problem you would be pleased to have a restore partition to save you. But if your hard drive failed you would need the discs so create them. (these could also degrade over time so it's worth having a second chance). Remember to make regular backups of your files to some external media. All the welcome stuff from hp can probably be switch off so that it doesn't start unless you want it, look for an options menu.

  Taff™ 07:09 19 Jun 2008

I have a G series model and have set up a G6061 recently for a student. Once they were set up initially to my satisfaction I used Acronis true image to make an image of both partitions including the hidden one and they are stored safely on external drives. In theory I could now delete the hidden partition.

I went to make a backup set of DVD`s recently and the backup manager informed me it would require 3 discs. Unfortunately the operation failed and after trawling the internet for information I contacted HP Customer Support. They informed me that you can only make these discs within 1 month of activation!!!! Be warned.

After some calm protesting they sent me a single recovery DVD disc free of charge. Can`t fault them on resolving the problem.

  tullie 16:47 19 Jun 2008

Surely if you make a recovery cd,then delete the recovery partition,you cant then use the cd.

  sharpamat 16:58 19 Jun 2008

on some systems even the recovery CD will only work with the Partion on the HD intact. if deleated you may lose the ability to restore to factorty setting ( Medions are prone to this )I would as others have suggested an External HD

  [DELETED] 22:26 19 Jun 2008

...I recently bought an Advent laptop from Pcworld. Should have listened to my own instincts and not bothered.

There was a link on the desktop for 'create your own restore disks'. I used this and created them. Then wondered 'Should I make another copy - just in case?'

Hey! I tried it and the link no longer worked! On contacting PCW's so called 'tech guys', I was informed that I could 'buy' another copy of the disks for a ridiculous amount of money. Hey, I've already paid their price for a copy of Vista without a restore disk [which, in my opinion should be a full O/S]. Now they're trying to get me to 'buy' it again!!!

I consider this to be a despicable practice. If my pc breaks down and I've lost or damaged the [original copy] if you see what I mean, I cannot restore it!!!

Talk about sell it to you and then sell it again!

I know I won't EVER buy another thing from those vultures.

  [DELETED] 04:39 20 Jun 2008

Can you not make a copy of the disks you created instead of trying to get the program to do them again? A program like Nero or similar will do this easily.

A lot of PC manufacturers just ship PC's with recovery disks, I have both a Toshiba notebook and an old desktop PC both with recovery disks in fact I don't own a physical copy of XP at all, and to be honest it annoys me. The last physical OS system disk I owned was Windows 98 Upgrade disk.

  tullie 12:37 20 Jun 2008

Good thinking Gazzaho.

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